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The First Multi-Platform Email Romance Novel is Available for Valentine's Day


"The Art of Wooing: An Email Tale of Modern Courtship" is Rebooted as a Series of Real-Time Digital Missives To Spice Up Your Inbox

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) January 30, 2013

A "rebooted" throwback version of "The Art of Wooing: An Email Tale of Modern Courtship" has just been launched in time for Valentine's Day. Called "the 'Griffin and Sabine' for the Sex in the City generation," this mixed media story, which unfolds through email exchange, was originally published as a vellum-laced paperback. It's now been reborn as the first true digital epistolary romance - allowing readers to experience it as a series of email exchanges, while the story unfolds for the characters.

At its core, the book reflects an 18-month period during which the author, Kaz Brecher, returned to the Art of Wooing (an effort to communicate authentically which evolved during her time as an undergraduate at Stanford), evaluating and tweaking its principles, as she pursues an elusive poet who comes into her life as her kickboxing instructor. The artwork and poems, layered in after the fact, trace the rise and fall and reconstruction of her heart. She survived the tumult, as she survives most of her life, with the support from friends who weighed in with advice and shared their own experiences in the tricky task of wooing. And the book emerged from the back and forth.

“The Art of Wooing reflects the insanely gifted spirit of Kaz Brecher, one of the most original, talented, committed and exciting people I know,” says Kathy Eldon, author of The Journey is the Destination: The Journals of Dan Eldon (Chronicle Books).

When someone orders a copy of the book today, they will begin to receive the emails from the characters – not directed to them personally but as a voyeuristic experience of how the story unfolds. Readers are invited to consider themselves as a bcc in the threads! Emails will be sent at the same intervals as they appear in the book. This means sometimes they'll arrive in a flurry all in one day and then a week or two will pass before the next missive lands. This version of the “book” is an exercise in patience, a chance to experience a story unfurling in real time – with all the tension and frustration and excitement built in, over a period of 18 months.

We all get a bit too much email, but this is finally something to look forward to when greeting your inbox. The short email format makes for delicious snacking when you have a few minutes to fill. And the format is a more natural way to experience the story than trying to read a novel on your mobile phone.

From: “Erin Feldman”
To: “Kaz Brecher”
Subject: our job…
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 20:59:59 GMT

this is my theory:
all of us right now are being anthropologists in the “real world”. our job right now is not the actual job we are paid to do (we only have to do those good enough to get by and not get fired). our real job is to be taking notes on what does and does not work so that when it's our turn to do our thing (open a center, make movies, fall in love…) we will know exactly what is and is not worth keeping, doing, and fighting for.
i have no patience for email today.
i love your head and your heart.
love, e

From: “Kaz Brecher”
To: Erin Feldman”
Subject: Re: our job…
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 15:55:19 PST

dearest erin,
as always, your words could not ring more true for me…i have just embarked on a journey to make some sense of the intense ride my heart has endured during the past year and a half. i'm going to approach it as scientifically as possible. what affects the ways in which we human beings communicate? why is it so confusing? everything has become data: the emails, my poems…i'm determined to learn something from this whole experience! i'll start back at the beginning and see where i end…i'm not sure that there are hard-and-fast answers to be had, but i'll keep you posted on any conclusions i can draw…

The printed book will be shipped shortly after purchase, for those who are temped to rip into it more quickly and satisfy curiosity or simply are more interested in the layers of mixed media artwork and poetry. But this new format reintroduces a rare element to our on-demand lives, which is itself a musing and commentary evolving as fast as we are in the tech-space of storytelling.

"The Art of Wooing: An Email Tale of Modern Courtship" is 264 full-color pages, with 40 vellum page inserts, and a softcover. More information is available here.

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