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Jim Madrid Makes His Third Appearance at GNEX Timeshare 2013 as a Moderator


Jim Madrid, founder of the Entelechy Training and Development Human Performance Firm in California, will make his third appearance at the GNEX 2013 Timeshare Convention “Global Meeting of Minds” in Beverly Hills, California as a moderator.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 29, 2013

Jim Madrid is well known as a consultant, author, and speaker, and this year will return to the GNEX 2013 Timeshare Convention for the third time in the role of a moderator. The GNEX Timeshare 2013 Convention is a place where CEOs and influential in the industry can meet with delegates and discuss the challenges and advancements of the industry. This is a great convention that promotes interactions of key persons in the industry so that the practices of the timeshare industry can advance and grow.

Jim Madrid has assisted numerous athletic departments, corporations and CEOs in improving human performance, as well as staff development. Although it varies slightly depending on the situation, motivating people to succeed is a universal language, and one that Jim Madrid has written the manual to. In his book “Snap Out of It! A Journal Guide to Re-Invent Your Self!” Jim Madrid assists people that are looking to make positive changes in their lives. This is an influential book that has helped many people take the reins of their lives and helps steer themselves into new directions.

Jim Madrid will make his third appearance at the GNEX Timeshare 2013 Convention as a moderator who introduces key speakers and converse with the delegates of the convention. Madrid is a man that has helped many people, companies, and teams achieve amazing things, and he is a wealth of information that these timeshare delegates will love. Filled with lots of advice about the hospitality and timeshare industry, this is an influential man that has a lot to share with the timeshare industry. This is an exciting expert to have as a moderator for the GNEX Timeshare 2013 Convention.

Jim Madrid was named a moderator for the GNEX Timeshare 2013 Conference and delegates couldn't have picked a better candidate. This conference is filled with someone of the biggest names in the timeshare industry and Jim Madrid fits in with this panel perfectly with all of his experience in human performance, speaking, and the timeshare industry. The GNEX Timeshare 2013 Conference really went all out this year in the planning of this event, especially with all of the keynote speakers and moderators. This year looks like it is going to be better than ever with Jim Madrid in the role of moderator at the GNEX Timeshare 2013 Convention in Beverly Hills, California.

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