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Video Released of Special Forces Trainer Giving TEDx Talk on Peak Performance


Official video was released of Sifu Harinder Singh of Warrior's Way Lifestyle giving a talk at TEDx Sacramento on "Quieting the Mind in 5 Minutes a Day." The talk incorporated peak performance techniques taught to elite operators, adapted such that anyone can use them, and included live knife sparring as well as a group meditation.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 17, 2013

Offical video was recently released of Sifu Harinder Singh, trainer of Navy SEALS, Special Forces, FBI, and SWAT, speaking at TEDx Sacramento 2012 on peak performance with a talk titled “Quieting the Mind in 5 Minutes a Day,” and engaging the audience with live knife sparring and interactive group meditation. Singh has taught elite military and intelligence operators how to stay calm and survive in the most challenging situations, and his talk was adapted from emotional management techniques taught to SEAL teams and other warriors.

With extensive training in martial arts and fitness, Singh via Warrior's Way Lifestyle applies battlefield techniques to the workplace in order to foster courage, confidence, strength, and strategy in leaders and teams. In this TEDx talk, Singh questions the notion of fear and suggests, “Make fear your girlfriend. You don't resist it; you have to know it's your companion.” Singh explains that one must quiet and calm their mind to neutralize fear and worry. As soon as the mind is free of harmful thoughts, it is able to be in the present moment. A demonstration incorporating live blade sparring is used to exemplify the necessity of being in the moment when danger is present. Singh's personable and humorous presentation style keeps the audience engaged in the midst of potential danger.

Singh derives his teachings from the lessons of Bruce Lee. He quotes Bruce Lee in his talk as he reinforces that you must “Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water.” Once the excess chitter-chatter has been subdued, one is able to “come in to the present moment and truly be like water and flow.” As the mind becomes like water, it is able to flow through life's challenges and master every task at hand. Extraordinary feats such as Michael Jordan's basketball ability, SWAT officers raiding a building, and Larry Hamilton riding a wave the size of a building are given to demonstrate the need to be present in moments that exemplify excellence and performance.

The idea of “thought catching” is brought to the audience's attention as Singh speaks about the challenges of protruding thoughts when attempting a state of meditation. He explains that the moment you catch a thought, you are able to be in the moment and truly exist in the present. Singh notes that once you begin to practice catching your thoughts, your brain will pick up the pattern automatically and this will become routine for your mind and body.

He then offers a practical tool that anyone can use by taking 5 minutes out of their day, 5 times a day, to master thought catching. This practice simply involves focusing on the breath and creating the ancient A-U-M, or Aum, sound as a way of using breathing and sound to train the mind to be in the present moment. Singh engages the audience to create this sound and meditation interactively, and the audience is left with a tool to help them be present in facing challenges that arise in life, and to help them perform at levels beyond the confines of their cognition.

About Warrior's Way Lifestyle: Warrior's Way Lifestyle is a leadership development and training organization based in Silicon Valley, providing specialized training in courage, confidence, strength, and strategy from a martial arts master and trainer of Navy SEALS, Special Forces, FBI, SWAT, professional athletes, and executives. For more information, please visit

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