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Vascular Health Sciences Corporate Communications Director Shares Why He Joined the Company in New Blog Post


Kevan Allbee shares the story of his first job interview with Vascular Health Sciences and why he left his job to work for the company that is focused on artery health.

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) January 15, 2013

Vascular Health Sciences Corporate Communications Director Kevan Allbee shared the story today on the blog of why he decided to leave a comfortable, secure, corner office to join the ranks of a company with a new health supplement focused on artery health.

“The fact is I had no real intention of ever working for Vascular Health Sciences,” said Allbee. “I assumed Arterosil was another ‘miracle, cure-all' pill, but by the time my interview concluded, my doubts had vanished. This was the real deal.”

In the blog post, Allbee tells of a man he met peeking through the front window of the Vascular Health Sciences corporate office when Allbee was leaving from his job interview. During his conversation with the curious man, he realized that he had become an advocate of the product while answering the man's questions.

“The man read our poster through the window and told me of the sad fate of both his father and his grandfather,” Allbee said. “I had just learned the sad truth that this man's story is not uncommon. Cholesterol-related disease will end 600,000 lives in the U.S. this year alone, despite billions of dollars spent trying to prevent it.”

Allbee did, indeed, decide to join the company and more importantly, join the cause. He has now been with the company for seven months and continues to tell the story of Arterosil and why heart and artery health matters.

“We're glad Kevan made the decision to join our team that day,” said Vascular Health Sciences Co-Founder and CEO Bob Long. “He is the best kind of advocate we could have hoped for, and continues to effectively promote our cause of helping those around the world who worry about their own health the health of loved ones.”

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