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When magick meets science-- love potions with a guarantee.


JuJuMagick.Com has announced the release of JuJuMagick AttractMist™, which are spell colognes with a punch-- the addition of a small amount of laboratory synthesized human pheromone.

(PRWEB) January 14, 2013

JuJuMagick.Com has announced the release of JuJuMagick AttractMist™ which are love spell colognes with a punch-- the addition of a small of amount of laboratory synthesized human pheromone. These lovely scents will include a different kind of scent, undetectable to the human nose, but that play a critical part in human sexual attraction and mating. Creation of potions of different kinds was a common practice of alchemy, and is commonly associated with “witchcraft.”

Besides being highly effective, AttractMist™ smells good. They contain lovely aromas of the same oils used in spell workings related to love and sex, in various forms, for thousands of years.

JuJuMagick AttractMist™ is available in a ½ ounce spray and is available in four different configurations. JuJuMagick AttractMist Adonis™ was specifically designed for males seeking to attract females. JuJuMagick AttractMist Cleopatra™ is for females seeking male attention. JuJuMagick AttractMist Pan™ helps men attract other men. JuJuMagick
AttractMist Sappho™ is perfect for a woman seeking another woman.

All of the JuJuMagick AttractMist™ products are retail priced at $49.95.

JuJuMagick.Com is offering a 100% money-back guarantee after 90 days of continued use as directed. “Based on the results we saw in our market testing, nobody is going to want their money back. They'll be way too busy," said Justin Paige, a partner in JuJuMagick.Com.

About Pheromones

Evidence of a role for pheromones in the human sexual behavior comes from at least two double blind, placebo-controlled experiments. The first had 38 male volunteers apply either a male pheromone or control odor or record six different socio-sexual behaviors over two weeks. This study found that there is an increase in sexual behavior in the pheromone users compared to the control group. Another study, was similar to the first study, except females instead of males were subjects. Females treated with female pheromones reported significant increases in many of the behaviors including "sexual intercourse," "sleeping next to a partner," "formal dates," and "petting/affection/kissing.” The researchers concluded that the pheromones had a positive sexual attractant effect.

About JuJuMagick.Com

Founded in 2012, JuJuMagick.Com™ was founded as a online community-based new-age store providing (over 7000) tools, gifts and accessories for Wiccans, Pagans, Magicians, Voodoo and Santeria practitioners along with many other occult or metaphysical spiritual traditions or paths-- and the simply curious.

With price guarantees and dedicated practitioners on-staff, JuJuMagick.Com™ is quickly becoming the trusted leader in customer care and low prices for their customers of many spiritual paths, nationally and internationally.


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