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Chaval Outdoor Introduces Nanotech Polymer Heated Gloves to Avert Freezing Fingers


New and exclusive technology will keep fingers toasty warm three times longer than other brands

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) January 08, 2013

Winter has arrived, and for many that means limited enjoyment on the slopes and in the snow due to frigid hands and fingers. Chaval Outdoor has entered the outdoor sportswear market with a product that will warm hands and hearts. The Response-XRT is a premium all-leather heated ski glove with alphaHEAT™ polymer nanotechnology that effectively heats hands in freezing temperatures three times longer than any other brand.

In freezing weather, glove heating elements must produce 62 degrees Celsius to effectively keep hands warm. Other brands can only produce this amount of heat for 2 to 2½ hours. The Response-XRT can produce this level of heat for up to 6 hours. Instead of the standard heated wire technology, alphaHEAT™ has a paper-thin nanotech polymer heating film that regulates the amount of heat produced in each finger. “Think of this like having independent temperature control in each room of your house,” said co-founder Mark Boone. “If you open a window in the bathroom and it cools, the home heating system will deliver hot air only to the bathroom. Same concept here. If a cold fingertip is slipped into the glove, heat production will only increase at that fingertip. This self-regulating characteristic of our nanotech polymer delivers heat where you need it most, and conserves power when not needed.” The result is significantly longer battery life.

To deliver power to the heating film, alphaHEAT™ has flat, flexible, conductive traces instead of standard bulky wires. These conductive traces are common in high-tech products such as cell phones and laptops, and are used to maximize available space.

Also, other brands require the batteries to be extracted from each glove before they can be charged, a hassle not required with the Response-XRT which is as easy to charge as a cell phone.

Chaval Outdoor is a genuine high-tech apparel company, founded by engineers who are also avid climbers and skiers. All questions or comments can be directed to Mark Boone, Co-Founder and Director of Marketing.

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