Internet marketing firm fishbat, Inc. Comments on Article Which Provides Tips to Get the Most out of Social Media

Following an article published by Forbes which provides tips on how to utilize social media for the better, fishbat, Inc., an Internet marketing firm, offers additional comments.

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) January 07, 2013

On January 7, 2013, Internet marketing firm fishbat adds insight to a recent Forbes article which argues whether using social media is beneficial or a waste of time.

According to the article published by Forbes, although some may consider the world of social media to be a time waster, the article suggests that when used properly, social media can be a powerful tool. Forbes affirms that social media can be used as a way to relax, achieve goals and take advantage of beneficial new tools. According to the article, “Decide what you want to get out of social media, and then use it for those things.” The article continues, “Want to market yourself to the business community all over the world? LinkedIn can help. In other words, make your use of social media intentional; use it to better achieve your existing goals.”

In addition to using social media to achieve goals, the article offers advice on finding the right type of social media tools. According to the article, while it's fine to check out new tools, it's best to try and uncover tools that will benefit you. “It's OK to check out new stuff – but do it with an eye toward how (or whether) it will serve you,” reports the article.

According to Sida Li, VP of Internal Operations at fishbat, “There are so many social media websites that can truly benefit a person if used correctly. Sites like LinkedIn can allow users to find new opportunities that they'd never be able to find without social media.” Li continues, “Using social media to benefit yourself is especially important for business owners. If you run a business, think about hiring an Internet marketing firm. These are trained professionals who know exactly what it takes to benefit your company through the use of social media.”

The Forbes article provides insight on the phenomenon of social media and sheds new light onto how valuable it can be for people. “Social media can also be both useful and practical – a good use of time,” reports the article.

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