The Big Con: Tutors International Publish Advice for Private Tutors on Dealing with Parental Pressure to Cheat

Adam Caller from Tutors International published an article today about the temptation some tutors face to complete their students' homework for them.

(PRWEB) January 07, 2013

Recent articles concerning ‘corrupt' private tutors have led to a frank article from the senior partner of leading private tutor agency, Tutors International.

Adam Caller, an experienced teacher and private tutor, and one of only two UK members of the prestigious IECA (Independent Education Consultants Association), was moved to offer his advice for struggling tutors when faced with intense pressure from parents to ‘do anything it takes' to ensure the student succeeds.

“Desperation and frustration at a teenager's wilful disobedience can drive the best of us to do drastic things,” comments Mr Caller in his article. “Add to that pressure from parents to see results but who palpably fail to support you in your teaching efforts, and you end up with a persistently niggling solution: cheat.“

Mr Caller advises tutors who find themselves tempted to cheat on behalf of their pupils to recruit an ally in the family. He believes the job of a private tutor becomes near impossible if at least of the parents do not offer full support. “Unfortunately, some families hire a private tutor and expect a miracle,” he continues, “and may even have it in the back of their minds that it would be easiest for everyone if you acted as ghost-writer for all assignments.”

Mr Caller stated that he doesn't believe that any tutor sets out to be corrupt or unethical, merely that they simply find themselves unable to deliver what is being unreasonably demanded of them, and lack the support they need to turn the situation around.

When he founded Tutors International in 1999, Mr Caller aimed to provide a tutoring agency that offers continued support and advice for both the client and the tutor, so that the student receives the best education possible.

You can read the whole article on the Tutors International website.

About Adam Caller and Tutors International

Adam Caller began teaching in 1987 and taught in the private and state sectors for many years, followed by a long period as a full time private tutor to prestigious families in England and around the world.

In 1999 he founded Tutors International LLP, a specialist private tutoring agency based in Oxford. The world leaders in custom-designed private education, Tutors International provides tuition to an elite and highly selective clientele. Tutors International works with both clients and their tutors to ensure a world-class private education of the highest professional and academic standards.

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