Five Healthy Directions Products Certified As "Approved Quality" by


Findings exemplify 20-year track record of safety and quality.

POTOMAC, MD (PRWEB) January 07, 2013

Healthy Directions, a leading health publisher and provider of proprietary, doctor-formulated nutritional supplements and skincare products, today announced that all five of the nutritional supplement formulas that it submitted for testing through's Voluntary Certification Program in 2012 were certified as “Approved Quality.”

The Voluntary Certification Program allows manufacturers and distributors in the health and nutritional supplement marketplace to submit their products to for quality testing and is designed to help consumers identify the highest quality products on the market. The five nutritional supplement products that Healthy Directions submitted to the program belonged to four of's testing categories for 2012 and included omega-3s, probiotics, joint health and prostate health.

Each Healthy Directions product was tested for identity (does it meet recognized standards of identity and does it meet the level of quality claimed on the label), strength (does it contain the amount of ingredient claimed on the label), purity (is it free of specified contaminants) and disintegration (does it break apart properly so that it may be used by the body).

The five Healthy Directions products that were tested and certified as “Approved Quality” by include:

  • Dr. Sinatra's Omega Q Plus – One of Healthy Directions' flagship products, Omega Q Plus is an exclusive combination of DHA-rich calamarine oil, highly absorbable Hydro Q-Sorb® Coenzyme Q10, and five other heart-healthy nutrients. Omega Q Plus was one of four calamari products tested for its calamari content in the omega-3 category (which included a total of 67 supplements), and it was one of two that were approved.
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  • Dr. Whitaker's O-3 Essentials – A concentrated fish oil supplement,O-3 Essentials provides high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. The fish oil concentrate is derived from sardines and anchovies fished in the cold, pristine, deep waters off South America, where there are significantly less environmental impurities. O-3 Essentials was one of 28 fish oil softgel products tested in the omega-3 category, and it was one of 25 that were approved.
  • Dr. Williams' Probiotic Advantage – One of Healthy Directions' customer favorites, Probiotic Advantage delivers 2 billion live bacteria throughout the digestive tract via the patented BIO-tract® delivery system, which slowly releases the probiotics along both the small and large intestines. Each Probiotic Advantage caplet provides seven extremely hardy, live probiotic strains along with prebiotics to help feed and strengthen these good bacteria. Probiotic Advantage was one of 25 products tested in the probiotics category, and it was one of 23 that were approved.
  • Dr. Williams' Joint Advantage Gold Advanced Relief – One of Healthy Directions' top-selling products, Joint Advantage Gold Advanced Relief contains a propriety blend of natural anti-inflammatories along with joint health nutrients that provide extra strength relief for chronic joint pain. Joint Advantage Gold was one of 42 joint health supplements tested, and it was one of four (out of five) approved in a subcategory that had only glucosamine as a tested ingredient.
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  • Dr. Whitaker's Prostate Health – A combination of several nutrients scientifically proven to protect against and address prostate issues, Prostate Health also contains a proprietary blend of pumpkin seed extract and soy isoflavones called Go-Less® that has demonstrated beneficial effects on incontinence and other aspects of bladder and urinary health. Prostate Health was one of 20 prostate health supplements tested, and it was one of 17 that were approved. It was also one of five (out of seven) approved and tested for the ingredients saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol/phytosterol.
  • “ConsumerLab's findings and certified quality approval of these five Healthy Directions products further exemplify our 20-year track record of providing highly efficacious doctor-developed formulations that are recognized for their incomparable safety and quality in the consumer nutritional supplement marketplace,” says Healthy Directions CEO Connie Hallquist.

    “All of Healthy Directions products are proudly made in the USA or Canada from the finest ingredients available worldwide, and we adhere to stringent quality standards and a Triple Testing Philosophy™ that exceeds industry Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and FDA requirements,” Hallquist adds.

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