State Tax Advisors Enact Economic Nexus Preparation to Better Execute Sales Tax Exemptions

The Economic Nexus presents a new set of challenges for securing sales tax exemptions, and State Tax Advisors are now implementing changes to better serve their client base.

Kingwood, TX (PRWEB) January 06, 2013

State Tax Advisors have begun a new set of services geared towards the economic nexus, and find increasingly difficult sales tax exemptions for their clientele base.

An economic nexus is a situation in which businesses that operate in more than one state may be liable for taxes to various state governments and the IRS. Nexus means a connection that a business has to another state that would make it liable to collect taxes on behalf of that state. Economic nexus questions are often difficult to answer, combining as they do a very particular set of circumstances for each individual business. Depending on the states and areas in which a business operates, the company may experience a physical nexus, an economic nexus, both, or neither.

Access to Professional Advice

It is very important for companies who operate out-of-state to have access to professional advice in the event of a sales tax audit. Penalties and interest can be severe if a company does not pay a sufficient amount in taxes, so having the right information to figure tax amounts is very important. Therefore, State Tax Advisors are leading the way for securing a Texas Sales Tax Exemption for their clients, as Texan businesses expand into e-commerce and burgeoning economic nexus regulations.

State Tax Advisors provides the best defense to tax audits for businesses in the Houston area. With over 20 years of qualified, professional experience, the experts at State Tax Advisors are ready to assist business owners who find themselves faced with an audit. State Tax Advisors is a full-service firm whose employees are familiar with multi-state regulations and local tax laws, as well.

With the highly-skilled specialists from State Tax Advisors to represent them, business owners can rest assured that their interests will be protected in any audit situation. State Tax Advisors can give clients valuable advice on how to set up and follow through with tax withholding to avoid audit situations, as well as represent them if they face a sales tax audit.

State Tax Advisors is located at 1308 Kingwood Drive in Kingwood, Texas. Clients can call 281-358-1060 or visit the company's website,, for more information about tax services.

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