Windows 8 Games Website Starts Discussion

Windows 8 game community website by SpiveyWorks adds discussion feature for players and game developers to offer tips, request help and general game questions.

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) January 06, 2013

The Windows 8 games website made by SpiveyWorks has added a new discussion feature to each game page so that visitors have a convenient way to leave comments detailing their gameplay experience, recommendations for other players or ask questions of fellow gamers. Windows 8 introduces a new game interface with the Windows Store look and feel which might mean more questions and tips needed from Windows 8 gamers.

The website is a mash-up of Windows 8 game content like game descriptions, screenshots, gameplay videos and Twitter feeds. It organizes all games it knows about into a partial list on the front screen and also into categories. From the front page or category page, you can see a game screenshot, short description and the number of comments. Clicking on a game will bring up more content and a full list of comments. The website comments are intended to start discussions, unlike the comments players can write in the Windows Store.

Michael Spivey, website founder, says, “Windows 8 games are so cool and there is not as many online game communities focusing on the new operating system as there are for other platforms. I really wanted to create a space where gamers could come together and share their experience with these new Windows 8 games.”

The community creator also hopes to attract game developers to visit the website and participate in the discussions surrounding the games they create. Each game developer traditionally has their own website and their game is in the Windows Store but having a community where both gamers and developers can come to connect over all kinds of games is important for new game developers that do not already have a big following. Players that come for discussions on more popular games will also come across the newer, less recognized games.

Small game creators that want to gain extra visibility for new Windows 8 games are asked to contact SpiveyWorks for more details. There will be opportunities for showcasing action games, puzzle games, strategy games and other categories whether it is paid or a free Windows 8 game.

SpiveyWorks Corporation is a small business based in Charlotte, NC that designs apps to empower individuals in their daily lives on whatever device they happen to be using.

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