James Schramko's Fast Web Formula Announces Price Rise for 2013, Reveals New Podcast Offerings

Internet marketing expert James Schramko reveals the upcoming new rate for Fast Web Formula's breakthrough business training membership. He also reveals new podcasts available at InternetMarketingSpeed.com and FreedomOcean.com.

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) January 06, 2013

Fast Web Formula, the Internet business coaching forum community founded by James Schramko, announces its new membership rate for 2013. In a recent news update video, Schramko encourages business owners and Internet marketers to join the coaching community as soon as they can—there is still an opportunity to become a member at the current rate of $67. Very soon, he advises, the rate will likely increase to $99.

"If you're watching this video now and the rate is still less than $99, jump in," the CEO urges in his news update. "It's the last chance to lock in the rate. Whatever rate you join on is what it stays at as long as you stay a member."

The highly successful entrepreneur cites three reasons for the price rise. First, he promises a greater number of training courses in store for members in 2013 compared to the previous year. New information products are presented almost every month and live training modules often evolve into multi-part training series.

Second, Schramko relates how the forum community has steadily built a solid base of members that contribute high quality content and discussion. "There are more resources available and more brain power there to share ideas with. The mastermind factor and the culture factor are actually increased," he explains.

The third reason for the increased rate is the fact that members will have better access this year to the expert Internet marketer's own wealth of knowledge and experiences. "My own business has increased to more than $1 million since I opened Fast Web Formula," he shares. "So my own expertise, brain knowledge and my contacts have also increased, and I want to place a value on that."

Schramko also invites business owners to pick up valuable Internet marketing tips from new podcasts that are now available at the marketing resource sites InternetMarketingSpeed.com and FreedomOcean.com.

Internet Marketing Speed currently features three notable podcasts: the "How to Build an Autoresponder Sequence for Your Business" course with John McIntyre of DropDeadCopy.com and two Own the Racecourse case studies by Brenton Ford (Schramko's Silver Circle student) and Jake Hower of Flypat.com.

A lively and engaging discussion between Schramko and marketer Tim Reid can also be found in the Freedom Ocean episode entitled "Is SEO Dead?" "I won't spoil it too much, but I don't think SEO is dead," the CEO hints. "But there are certainly things you need to change this year versus last year."

Wrapping up his news update, Schramko recommends an interesting article by Mandi Woodruff about how rich people think.

"Instead of working in something you don't like to get money, do something that you're passionate about that solves problems for others and creates massive value," he advises. "That's what I'm doing inside Fast Web Formula for people who want to learn about Internet business. I hope I can join a discussion with you shortly."

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