Shiny Releases Advice to Businesses for Keeping a Positive Reputation During Upcoming Holidays talks about the customer service some major businesses are providing for their patrons, and the ways they're enticing people to continue to shop at their stores.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 05, 2013

With the amount of people worldwide constantly logged onto Facebook, it would make sense for major retailers to push their advertisements at a large capacity. Especially during holidays, when online sales are at their highest. Shiny Reputation reminds businesses not to forget about upcoming holidays now that the winter season is over, especially Valentine's day. In an article, published by, Wal-Mart is doing just that by using their low-prices. feels that businesses should utilize their best assets in order to garner a better reputation and offers tips for businesses to do just that.

Wal-Mart is said to have bought over two billion ads on Facebook throughout the entire holiday season in attempts to entice holiday gift givers to buy more. Because of Wal-mart's reputation for low prices it is being said that this practice could be smart, but just as easily cause the business to lose income, especially if consumers aren't buying like predicted. Alexander Chernev of Bloomberg Businessweek stated, “Wal-Mart is using direct response advertising to invoke an instant response from consumers,” and so far the campaign as been successful. However, “The downside could include not only the lower effectiveness of Wal-Mart's ads during the rest of the year, but also the reaction from Facebook users, many of whom resent being bombarded with sales promotions,” stated Chernov.

Shiny Reputation believes businesses should be able to find a balance between promoting their services, without overwhelming their potential new customers. And that businesses shouldn't feel scared about using their best assets to entice new business.

For those businesses looking to gain a positive reputation to entice more consumer purchases SR has the below holiday tips:

  • Purchases ads on social media sites showcasing the business' holiday sales and perks targeted towards interested parties
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  • Become known for something positive. Whether low prices or amazing customer service. This is what will bring customers back.
  • Should the business have a website that has an online shop make sure to utilize server monitoring services. This entails making sure the business' computer hardware and website running properly at all times, therefore not causing a delay in a customer's shopping experience.
  • If a problem does arise in the business' server, make sure to monitor your web server and scan for specific problems in order to fix them as fast as possible.
  • Constantly pay attention to social media sites in which business reviews are left.
  • If a problem should arise where a customer is dissatisfied by with the service they received find a way to make it up to the customer in order to garner a slightly more positive review.
  •, first a weekly business magazine, was published in 1929. Its intended purpose was to provide people with information, opinions, and happenings in the business world. In 2009, after a substantial decline in funds, Business Week was bought out by Bloomberg L.P. The only difference now however is the name. commented today on an article by about how the positive reputations some businesses have can help in enticing consumers to purchase more, especially when being bombarded with constant sale ads. is a website dedicated to providing its readers with the latest information going around in the business world. And provides business with the tools to enhance their online reputations.