Bright Lights Business Approves of Smaller Drink Size Coming to New York

BLB expressed a noted interest in the shrinking size of drinks in New York as bars and lounges start to offer smaller, more flavorful cocktails in an effort to offer quality product and bolder flavors that can be enjoyed more readily.

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 05, 2013

Bright Lights Business issued their statement approving of the retro trend this week as many bars, restaurants and lounges, in a nod to historical accuracy and trends in smaller food portion sizes, have started offering smaller cocktails complete with bolder flavors.

Smaller drink sizes are not only more historically accurate, but offer the taster a better quality and flavor of drink. While those used to larger glasses and more liquid per drink may be disappointed in the growing trend, those who have tried these drinks enjoy the full flavor of this non-watered down size. Bartenders offering these “right-sized” drinks have found themselves able to offer bolder drinks by working with “extremely potent flavors” that would be overpowering in larger quantities.

BLB appreciates the trend of smaller in both food and drink, noting it allows tasters to try out, and therefore appreciate, more flavors. Alcohol is to be savored, a unique tasting experience, and in large quantities tend to be overwhelming or, on the other side of the spectrum, watered-down and dull. Smaller sizes are a healthy nod to the past and we could see more restaurants and lounges embracing this trend as a way to offer better quality service and product.

The growing trend of full-flavored cocktails has been on the radar of those in the business for a while already, with many establishments offering unique blends of flavors and others leaning towards those historical flavors, especially in martinis. New York nightlife mogul Mark Birnbaum is one of those enjoying the trend and even recently tweeted about a tasting that involved the ever-retro Cosmo and Hemingway drinks as well as lemon drop and gala apple martinis, old classics with a twist.

After many years with bloated size drinks and cocktails those in the business are starting to move towards offering the smaller sizes originally found in bars and lounges. Going back to these smaller two or three ounce drink sizes allows the bartender to concoct a full-bodied drink with strong flavors while tasters get to enjoy a bold, well-flavored drink that in it's smaller size is not overpowering.

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