Anelli Xavier Announces AX Protocol™, a Firm-wide Model of Excellence that Assures the Highest Quality of Representation

Anelli Xavier, a DWI Defense Firm announces AX Protocol™, a firm-wide model of excellence with defined best-working practices that attorneys at Anelli Xavier are required to utilize in order to assure clients receive the highest quality of representation in every case.

Syracuse, New York (PRWEB) January 05, 2013

New York Law Firm Anelli Xavier announces the development of its AX Protocol™, a system of fixed rules, work methods, and procedures that attorneys at Anelli Xavier are required to practice. AX Protocol™ assures clients receive a quality of representation Anelli Xavier believes is superior to that offered by most lawyers.

With a nationwide reputation as one of the nation's finest DWI defense attorneys, Tom Anelli has created AX Protocol™, designed to give all attorneys who work for Anelli Xavier a model of excellence. AX Protocol™ gives attorneys the guidelines and structure to assure the representation they are providing, in the complex area of DWI defense, is commensurate with that level of legal services that has made Anelli Xavier so successful.

In many years of working in the area of DWI Defense, attorney Tom Anelli has engaged in a comprehensive study of, and developed an understanding of, the science of DWI prosecution, forensic toxicology, standardized field sobriety testing, chemical breath testing, and blood testing. Utilizing this knowledge, together with his extensive experience in defending DWI cases, Anelli has designed what he believes to be a model of excellence in handling DWI Defense cases.

“The AX Protocol™ is our bulls-eye” says Anelli, the Anelli Xavier founder and Managing Partner. “It's what our attorneys shoot for in every case. Without a bulls-eye, younger attorneys can fail to perceive exactly what is expected of them, and older attorneys can lose sight of the expectation. With the AX Protocol™ in place, attorneys are constantly reminded of the high standards the firm has set for its representation, and the attorneys are able to handle each case at the highest level.”

Anelli realizes there is an art to the practice of law, and an attorney's individual style can contribute to that lawyer's effectiveness. That said, Anelli believes with good standard methods and solutions in place for solving common problems, attorneys have more time to draw upon their own style and individuality in moments and portions of their cases that actually call for artful and individual solutions.

If you are charged with a DWI in New York State, contact us. Our team knows that not everyone who is charged with DWI is guilty. Each person is innocent until proven guilty, and the relentless defense needed to distinguish between the two requires the scientific knowledge and criminal defense experience that we believe few attorneys who do not limit their practice to DWI Defense or intentionally seek the knowledge of the science of DWI prosecution have acquired.

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Anelli Xavier limits its practice to DWI defense and the defense of the associated serious vehicular charges. Learn more by visiting Anelli Xavier today.

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