VoIP's Skyrocketing Popularity: VoIPReview.org Weighs in on VoIP's Growthspurt and How it Translates to Big Money Savings


With recent reports pointing to a future growth in VoIP use, http://www.voipreview.org weighs in on why VoIP is getting more popular, and why there's never been a better time to get VoIP service.

(PRWEB) January 05, 2013

The VoIP industry has been buzzing lately over IBISWorld's announcement that the VoIP industry has experienced a 16.7% annual growth rate in the last five years. For people in the VoIP industry, there's no surprise there. VoIP is an increasingly popular option for landline phone service, and VoIP use is constantly on the rise, especially in the business world.

But numbers and studies aside, why has VoIP become the “it” service for homes and businesses? And is now the right time to jump on the VoIP bandwagon?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that sends and receives phone calls over the Internet. One major reason that it's gained popularity is due to the fact that it offers an extremely cheap alternative to using the traditional phone line to to make calls. Switching from a traditional phone provider to a VoIP service can result in savings of up to 80% on monthly phone bills, which may amount to hundreds and even thousands of dollars saved in a year.

But for those customers who, for whatever reason, still aren't sure they want to make the switch, VoIP Review has revealed the top four reasons that people should switch to VoIP today. VoIP is a great choice for pretty much everyone, and VoIP Review wants to show every wavering reader what they may not know about switching to VoIP.

Easy Setup
Various VoIP providers install and activate VoIP service for free and with no hidden expenses. In many cases, the setup process involves simply plugging a phone into a jack, which usually does not require a visit from a technician. Additionally, countless VoIP companies offer month-to-month plans with scalable services, so residential VoIP users or businesses can freely add or subtract phone lines and extensions each month to best suit their needs. This contract-free service also lets users terminate or change service without retribution.

It's no wonder that VoIP service is becoming increasingly popular, as traditional phone services, by comparison, may charge high installation and activation fees along with pricey technician visits to set up service. Traditional phone services also often lock users into yearly plans along with strict termination fees and policies.

Cheap Long Distance and International Calls
Because VoIP primarily uses the Internet instead of traditional phone lines to transfer phone calls, long distance and international calling rates are much cheaper with VoIP companies than with a regular phone company.

In fact, numerous VoIP companies offer free and unlimited calling within the US and Canada with any basic plan. This service, in turn, takes the stress out of determining interstate, intrastate, long distance, and service area calling fees for those nationwide phone calls.

As for international phone calling, this is where customers can really start to see dramatic savings. With a traditional phone service such as AT&T's international dial pay-per-use plan, it costs $3.49/minute to call a landline in China. Meanwhile, the same call to China with VoIP company VOIPo costs only $0.02/minute. A 20 minute call to China would cost a hefty $69.80 with AT&T and just $0.40 with VOIPo.


Improvements in Mobility
Extended mobility is another reason that VoIP services are becoming increasingly popular. With advanced call forwarding options and mobile VoIP apps for smartphones, VoIP companies allow users to send and receive residential and business VoIP calls virtually anywhere with Internet access or a phone connection. This decreases the likelihood of missing important incoming phone calls. With features like Find Me Follow Me, call forwarding, mobile apps, and voicemail to email, VoIP users can stay mobile and connected.

Advanced Calling Features
With regular phone companies, features such as call waiting, call forwarding, call screening, and three-way calling are only available with extra fees. VoIP providers, on the other hand, include these calling features in each of their plans without charging extra.

VoIP providers such as Axvoice offer more than 40 free features on each plan. These additional calling options, which are free of charge, make it easier for residential and business customers alike to keep up with their calls effectively:

1.) Auto-attendant: Automatically answers and greets incoming callers, and then directs the call accordingly. This would be particularly useful for a business with multiple departments and no operator service.

2.) Music on Hold: Choose music or specific marketing messages for callers who need to be put on hold.

3.) Call Parking: Incoming calls can be “parked” or placed on a separate extension until the receiver is available to answer.

Between the easy activation and cost saving benefits, combined with the attractive phone features, VoIP companies are quickly acquiring a sizeable fan base among residents and businesses alike. And as VoIP becomes more popular, the national telecom infrastructure is becoming increasingly better at accommodating VoIP customers. VoIP is a great choice for all kinds of customers, and there has never been a better time to switch.

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