Market America Realty & Investment Group is Now Targeting Foreign Buyers

Market America Realty & Investments, the real estate company in Florida is planning to work with foreign buyers.

Fort Myers, FL 33901 (PRWEB) January 05, 2013

The real estate company in Florida, Market America Realty & Investment Group plans to introduce special facilities to engage foreign buyers. The real estate professionals will now work with buyers from Australia, Europe, Asia and other continents so that they can know about the real estate market in Fort Myers and other Florida locations in detail.

Real Estate industry in Florida is developing rapidly and this market is drawing attention of buyers from other countries as well. Gregg Fous, the Founder of Market America Realty & Investment Group is ready to take the opportunity and offer special facilities to foreign buyers so that they find it convenient to invest in this sector. In his opinion, if foreign buyers come to know about the developing industry properly they will gladly invest here which is good for overall development of Florida. The professionals are actually following a simple marketing strategy to offer best property dealing services in lieu of money.

He talked about this new agenda during an interview where he said, “Asian and Canadian investors believe that the US will soon recover all economic problems and it is being said that the real estate business will play a vital role in this recovery process. In south Florida, possibilities of development are higher than any other states and it won't be difficult to get new buyers from abroad if we can serve them the best.”

Owners have already started marketing South Florida real estate properties in other countries, mostly in Asian countries and in Canada. They have also arranged campaigns in different countries to help investors understand how they can benefit investing in South Florida real estate market.

According to the PRO of the company, “Foreign buyers only want us to manage the rental properties they are purchasing here. They do not think it is important to stay in Florida for a long time, as theyare sure that the investment will gain global value shortly. In their countries, it is not that easy to invest in the real estate market due to high price of acquisition. As we can offer properties at low rental and acquisition rates, they are ready to invest.”

Mr. San Xing, a business owner from China commented, after talking to the professionals about the real estate market that, “If the company really provides what they are promising it will be a great opportunity for business owners like me to invest in this market.”

Market America Realty & Investment Group has partnered with the Brisbane based HHA Group to organize sales exhibitions in different countries. Their research shows that Canadian and Asian buyers are more interested about the market.

About the Company: Market America Realty & Investment Group is a Florida based company that offers services to deal with real estate properties. The professionals guide clients to both sell and buy properties in Fort Myers, FL. To know more about Fort Myers real estate properties for sale visit: Myers Homes.aspx#sthash.TOQ5W5bF.wq5z0jg2.dpbs

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