Children's Obesity Fund Heralds Nine-Year-Old's Success

A mother and child, from Clovis, California, chose a more active and healthy lifestyle. The result: a 65 pound weight loss for the young daughter and one happier, more energetic school girl.

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) January 04, 2013

The Children's Obesity Fund congratulates Breanna Bond, a nine-year old who recently lost 65 pounds and is now a young advocate for kids struggling with weight issues. Breanna's story was recently championed by CNN.

“This young lady's achievement is truly phenomenal,” says Julian Omidi co-founder of the Children's Obesity Fund. “Imagine having the dedication and the drive to achieve such a tremendous weight loss at such a young age! We hope that other kids that are struggling with their weight find the strength and encouragement from her story to pursue healthy lifestyle choices for the long term. She is truly an inspiration.”

At only nine years of age, Breanna weighted 186 pounds at her heaviest. She was relentlessly teased by her peers at school, and was the biggest child in her class. Now, according to Breanna, her tremendous weight loss is encouraging the kids in her class to embrace healthier, more active lifestyles.

Her mother Heidi Bond was disturbed by how miserable Breanna's weight was making her, and decided to help her daughter slim down by joining her workout efforts and cooking healthier, lower calorie meals. The beginning of her weight loss journey wasn't easy; she struggled to go on daily walks on the trail near her home in Clovis, California. When the four mile hikes became a family activity, Breanna's participation became less reluctant.

Today, Breanna and her mother make sure to work out for at least 75 minutes every day. Breanna has also joined a basketball team, swim team and cheer team—activities she didn't have the energy to participate in before her amazing weight loss. Her weight loss even managed to inspire one of her friends, who subsequently participated in her workout program and lost 20 pounds.

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The Children's Obesity Fund ( hopes to help reverse the trend for rising obesity rates in America, particularly with young people. The goal of the non-profit charity is to help people fully understand the obesity issue and its dire impacts on individuals and society as a whole -- and to use that knowledge to encourage children to grow up strong and healthy. Children's Obesity Fund partners with other organizations to educate and support parents, educators and others so that we can all work together to raise healthy, active, social, and happy children. The organization is on Facebook and can also be found on Pinterest and Twitter.

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