Lorna Kleidman Responds to a Beneficial New Workout Routine Which Utilizes Kettlebells

According to an article by Boston.com, Crazy 8s, a new workout regimen, incorporates kettlebells with other exercises for an intense, results-driven routine. In response, kettlebell trainer Lorna Kleidman praises the advantages of the kettlebell.

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) January 04, 2013

On January 4, fitness expert Lorna Kleidman issues a response to a new emerging high-intensity interval training routine called Crazy 8s. The routine incorporates kettlebell training along with other exercises.

You may recall playing the card game Crazy 8s as a child, but this version of the game is just a little more intense. Basically, there are eight different exercises throughout the class. Each exercise is done for eight intervals of twenty seconds each, followed by ten seconds of rest.

According to an article from Boston.com, “short bursts of high intensity exercise send your heart rate and metabolism soaring, which propels you into a fat-burning zone, where you'll stay for hours after your workout is over.”

The class instructors also encourage people to write down their reps as they go along, this way they can compete with themselves in the next classes. However, the article adds that this class is not something you should just jump into. It is designed for people who are already physically fit to kick their workouts up a notch.

Lorna Kleidman, a fitness expert who specializes in training with kettlebells, stated that this new workout seems like a great way to combine interval training with kettlebell exercises. “While kettlebells by themselves can offer an easy and effective workout for beginners, this is an example of how they can also be used for high intensity interval training,” Kleidman said.

Kleidman added that interval training is a very effective means of avoiding the “plateau” that so many fitness experts talk about. Reaching a plateau in a workout is caused by doing the same routines over and over, leading to a boost in results initially, but eventually lead to difficulty in reaching the next level of fitness. Interval training offers a way to incorporate several different workouts within the same routine, making it harder for your body to adjust and easier to reach new fitness peaks.

Lorna Kleidman is a Three-Time World Champion and World Record holder in kettlebell sport and the most decorated kettlebell athlete in the country. She developed the innovative methods used in KettleX as a way to bring the benefits of the bells to everyone in an easy to use, comprehensive and fun format. Lorna has been teaching individuals and group classes for the past six years.


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