Advertising Blender Reveals Ways to Understand What Motivates People to Buy

Del Monte Agency, via Advertising Blender blog, shares insights on six key elements that will help marketing professionals understand what motivates people to buy.

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) January 04, 2013

Advertising Blender, a blog hosted by Minneapolis advertising agency, Del Monte Agency, shares insights on “The Psychology of the Sale.” The recent article addresses six key elements that can help business owners and entrepreneurs understand what motivates people to buy, which can be helpful in business marketing endeavors.

“Understanding what motivates people to buy is very important in the beginning stages of a business' marketing plan,” explains Del Monte Agency's Social Media Strategist, Kim Maxon. “These six elements touch on basic consumer behavior concepts that will make sense to anyone.”

The following elements are discussed in more detail on Advertising Blender:

1.    Authority
2.    Reciprocity
3.    Scarcity
4.    Consistency
5.    Likability
6.    Sociability

Del Monte Agency is an advertising agency in Minneapolis that helps clients understand the psychology of sales and what makes people behave when purchasing. Since they began business, they have seen many clients benefit after perfecting this technique in business. As the host of Advertising Blender, they wanted share these insights to help other businesses prosper. Read more and see how these simple elements can improve your business' sales.

Read more about advertising, marketing, and selling techniques on Advertising Blender or contact Del Monte Agency at (800)738-1989. Happy selling!

About Advertising Blender:
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