Knoji Launches In-Depth Consumer Report Comparing Some of the Leading Email Marketing Systems

Knoji announced the availability of a new consumer report covering email marketing systems, providing useful comparisons between the different systems.

Los Angeles, Calif. (PRWEB) January 04, 2013

Knoji, a leading providing of consumer reviews and information, today announced the availability of a new consumer report comparing some of the leading email marketing systems. Email marketing is becoming ever so crucial for websites and companies to increase traffic to their websites in the digital age. Knoji's new coverage of the some of the leading companies in this industry provides an in-depth look at the different email marketing systems and provides consumers with useful comparisons between them.

An excerpt from the report is included below:

"iContact employs a team of dedicated email delivery specialists who regularly monitor their servers. Their SpamCheck service assigns a score to each email, and if your score is high, they'll explain why it has been flagged and provide an opportunity for editing before you send it out. The company has also developed relationships with several major internet service providers to stay “whitelisted” and keep their customers off of any blacklists."

"AWeber helps to increase deliverability by enforcing a strict anti-spam policy, authenticating all email campaigns, and automatically removing unsubscribers and undeliverable addresses. They even proactively seek out and resolve potential delivery issues before they become an issue. The service also helps you to avoid filters by checking each of your emails for any spam-like content."

"Constant Contact quotes their email delivery rate at consistently above 97 percent, the only service that readily reports such information. Their Anti-Spam Checker determines if there are any potential problems in your emails and suggests changes to fix them. The templates they employ are format-tested for most email programs so that your customers, whether they read in HTML or text, will be able to see the actual email that you send."

Read the full report here.

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