Off The Grid News Gets Exclusive Interview With Survival Expert Brian Brawdy

Bill Heid, founder of Off The Grid News, sits down with Survival/Prepper expert, Brian Brawdy, to discuss his ideas for realistic resolutions. Brian offers a positive outlook on life and encourages everyone that prepping is a very positive thing anyone can do for themselves.

Thomson, IL (PRWEB) January 04, 2013

In this week's release of Off The Grid News Radio, Bill Heid, founder of Off The Grid News sits down with his longtime friend, Brian Brawdy, to discuss resolution ideas for survivalists. Brawdy shares with Heid the secrets of maintaining a positive attitude while prepping. He also takes a peek at the way of life that led him to become a survivalist expert. At the end of the interview they discuss the future of this country and what everyone can do to feel more in control of their own lives.

Brawdy has held jobs as a military weapons specialist, a policeman in New York, and a reporter, among many other jobs. It was during his stint as a reporter covering the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when he started taking steps toward listening to that bold little whisper telling him there was a different calling in life for him.

According to Brawdy, it was these life experiences, among others, that encouraged him to reach out to people all across the nation and to share his life philosophies. The motto that he encourages throughout the show is, “Betting your life on that bold little whisper.” Throughout the show Heid and Brawdy talk about the importance of each individual person bringing control and stability to their personal lives instead of looking at things on a global level.

“In almost three decades now, I have studied everything I could about why a human mind would become so vexed with life that it would turn against itself,” said Brawdy. He goes on to make a point about how people think it is great for others who listen to that bold little whisper, like politicians, movie stars, and athletes. But instinctively, people fight themselves and those closest to them to not listen to that bold little whisper in order to help “protect” themselves or the people they care the most about.

During the radio show, Brawdy continues to encourage the listeners to stop and appreciate the life they have and every breath they are able to take. He makes it a point to say how he thinks of the lives lost on Illinois roads to motor vehicle accidents. “I travel back and forth across Illinois frequently and I could have easily been part of a statistic, but I remember all the time that I am blessed to be here with the people I love.”

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