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More Doctors Use Alternative Medicine, Immune-boosting supplements


Purx Health introduces a cutting-edge immune booster that combines scientifically proven herbs with essential antioxidants for comprehensive immune system support. Doctors are looking to alternative therapies, like Purx ReBound, to boost energy and wellness.

Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) January 04, 2013

Purx Health is excited to introduce ReBound, a cutting-edge immune-boosting supplement that combines scientifically proven herbs with essential antioxidants for comprehensive immune system support. Purx Rebound combines twenty antioxidants, vitamins and herbs to provide extensive immune system support. This high-quality, immune supplement is a leader in the growing field of complementary and alternative health (CAM).

Alternative Medicine Is Trusted By Doctors

The 83 percent of doctors and nurses who use CAM are proof that focusing on prevention is the best medicine. The study published in Health Services Research is the just one in a series of news items that reflect growing acceptance of CAM. This increasing respect for CAM culminated when Prevention magazine announced its first-ever Integrative Medicine Awards in 2011.

Herbal ingredients, considered an outgrowth of CAM, are widely studied and are found in a surprising number of health products. According to Dr. Chun-Su Yuan of the University of Chicago, 50 percent of pharmaceutical medications are derived from herbs.

Purx ReBound is a Better Immune-boosting supplement

Purx ReBound isn't like other immune boosters that focus on one or two herbs. With almost twenty proven ingredients, Purx ReBound provides the most complete immune system support available.

A key ingredient in Purx ReBound is Umckaloabo, an immune booster recommended by Dr. Oz. The Journal of Family Practice published the results of several studies on this highly effective herb. These studies proved that Umckaloabo may help ease seasonal symptoms when taken at the first sign of an illness.

Purx ReBound also contains Isatis and Licorice Root, two herbs backed by scientific study. Isatis helps promote the production of white blood cells that are essential to the immune response, according to a Chinese study. Licorice Root may boost the immune system's response to seasonal challenges, according to Japanese researchers.

Purx ReBound goes farther than any other supplement to provide immune system support by providing important nutrients. Recent scientific research has zeroed in on the importance of vitamins A and D. Vitamin A was shown to boost immunity while lowering inflammation in a study published by The Journal of Immunology. Vitamin D plays an important regulatory role in immune system support, according to a Harvard study. The Harvard study also found that vitamin A boosts disease-fighting T cells and B cells.

Thanks to numerous scientific studies like these, the medical community is acknowledging the health-promoting properties of herbs and other plants. Doctors and nurses trust complementary and alternative medicines like immune supplements.

Purx ReBound is the most complete supplement for immune system support available and represents the best of alternative health studies. Backed by dependable science, Purx ReBound combines nearly twenty ingredients that work synergistically to provide protection against seasonal challenges.

About PURx Health:
PURx Health is a leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements. Harnessing the synergy of nature and science, PURx Health creates immune-boosting and brain-boosting supplements that combine traditional herbs and modern nutritional science for maximum effectiveness.

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