Google's Steps to Close Security Holes Prompts Buy Real Marketing to Strengthen Fraud Checks

Buy Real Marketing, the leading provider of web 2.0 business applications and social media solutions, takes necessary steps to close potential holes on the website after Google reveals fraudulent and unauthorized certificate issued on domain.

Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) January 04, 2013

Buy Real Marketing carries out necessary steps to strengthen its fort and prevent security breaches on This action is prompted by the recent news about Google enhancing their digital certificate security after being issued a fraudulent CA (certificate authority).

December 24, 2012 finds Google blocking an unauthorized digital certificate that was issued for their domain “” According to Adam Langley, a Google software engineer, in a blog post, TURKTRUST, a certificate authority in Turkey, has created two subsidiary certificate authorities issued to organizations, one of which is Google, which received the fraudulent digital certificate. Google has now notified browser makers such as Microsoft and Mozilla to block certificates coming from TURKTRUST.

With this alarming news, BuyRealMarketing is putting its foot forward determining potential security holes in its website to protect site visitors and clients from attackers who may try to breach and steal confidential information. “We always put precaution first rather than cleaning up after the damage has been done. This is how we remain protected and unscathed from hacks,” says JP Bisson, Managing Director for BuyRealMarketing.

The team is staffed with expert web developers that are adept at securing websites from hackers on the internet. BuyRealMarketing has its hands full blocking fraudulent transactions as well as malware attacks from the outside.

The BuyRealMarketing assures its clients that it will always keep attempts of fraudulent practices and attacks in check and that client information will always remain confidential. Clients will continue to experience smooth-sailing transactions unimpeded by these futile attempts to harm the website.

BuyRealMarketing is the leading provider of web 2.0 business applications that offers a roster of social media marketing services such as Twitter followers, YouTube views, SoundCloud plays, Vimeo views, Pinterest followers, Tumblr followers and Facebook fans. The services are offered with a 100% Money Back Guarantee and clients are met with friendly hard-at-work customer support representatives available 24/7.

To know more about the company's services, visit their website at or contact them at 1-877-435-5955 (US) or 020­3289-0222 (UK).


BuyRealMarketing is owned by Clicking Labs. Clicking Labs is a well-established internet marketing company founded in 2010 by Jean-Patrick Bisson, Diana Quartin and Jonathan Kennedy. The company specializes in driving search marketing and social media traffic, social web app development and conversion optimization. Each product or service specifically helps small/medium website owners increase online visibility and improve online sales.


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