Reveals Tips That Will Keep Customers Happy and Coming Back

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 04, 2013

In an article released by, major retailers are listed as having some of the best return policies: policies that have enticed customers to keep coming back and the positive reputation these businesses are garnering because of it. advocates these positive business practices and lists the ways other businesses can follow in these lucrative steps.

Companies like, Nordstrom's, and L.L. Bean, are just some of the businesses who are gaining recognition for their easy return policies. Some of these businesses don't require receipts while others don't even have a return policy customers need to follow in order to receive their money back. Because of their customer service and lenient return policies these businesses are accumulating a positive reputation by the minute.

While some may believe these types of mottos and polices leave room for customers to abuse the system, SR believes, by implementing customer-friendly systems will not only help businesses gain a better reputation, but it will help to increase a business' revenue.

For those businesses looking to gain the same positive reputation these major corporations have, Shiny Reputation provides the following advice.

-It is important to treat the customer with the utmost respect at all times even when the customer may not always be right. Most patrons will recognize when they have been difficult and may comment on sites such as Yelp on how the business and its employees reacted to a particular situation.

-Offer solutions, at each business' discretion, to make a customer's experience better than their previous one.

-From a technology standpoint, such as providing online services, make sure to constantly monitor your web server. This entails making sure the business' computer hardware and website are not running slowly or improperly which could cause customer irritation.

-Should a problem arise in the business' server, use a server health service to scan for the specific issues and malfunctions that could cause difficulties.


-Diligently pay attention to the type of comments and reviews being left for the business on social media sites.

-Interact with unhappy customers and provide amicable solutions to appease the patron in hopes of bringing them come back to use the business again., founded in 1996, is operated by NBC Universal as an online arm to the NBC News. The site covers national and international news and won several journalism and online publishing awards. commented today on the published article by about the positive reputations some businesses are gaining through their easy store policies. is a website dedicated to it's readers, by providing them with the latest information and tips, on bettering business reputations.

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