The Elevation Group Releases Interview With Oil Executives To Show How the Middle Class Can Access the Same Oil & Gas Investments the Ultra-Rich Enjoy


Mike Dillard and Robert Hirsch of The Elevation Group release video interview of two oil executives in order to uncover how beginning and middle class investors can invest in drilling oil wells. This interview is available to EVG members.

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) January 04, 2013

In a rare interview released this week, The Elevation Group founder, Mike Dillard, and CEO, Robert Hirsch interviewed two oil executives to uncover how beginning and middle-class investors can invest in drilling oil wells, just like the ultra-rich do. The interview was released to Elevation Group members on January 1st. To become a member and access the video, please visit

“At The Elevation Group, we are always on the lookout for cash flow investments with tax advantages. These two elements are how elite investors find double-digit returns, instead of settling for the dismal 2% returns of traditional investments,” says Mike Dillard. “Just like real estate, buying oil and gas wells provides two things: Cash flow, and tax breaks. So we knew investing in oil wells was an opportunity we wanted explore, but we needed to find the right company to work with.”

The “right company” was ultimately introduced to Dillard and Hirsch by Robert Kiyosaki's accountant, with whom they also have a working relationship. (Kiyosaki is the author of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series.) A meeting was arranged between The Elevation Group founders and the CEO and CFO of the Dallas, TX oil and gas company. And the end result was an 87 minute taped-interview, edited down from several hours of raw footage.

Some of the topics covered in this exclusive interview include:

  •      How it's possible for a member of the middle class to take part ownership in a $75,000,000 oil field, with only a few dozen other owners.
  •     Why demand for oil is growing, making oil drilling a smart investment
  •     The new technology that makes striking oil in the “sweet spot,” where it flows abundantly, easier than ever before
  •     How non-accredited investors can take part investing side by side with the ultra-rich.
  •     Who should NOT invest in oil and gas.

Both Dillard and Hirsch indicated they would be personally investing with the company in the near future.

“I'm impressed that even with the conservative numbers the CFO showed us, it seemed entirely possible to double your initial investment in just 7 years,” continues Mike Dillard. “And that's not even counting the extra tax breaks you get just for investing..”

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About the Elevation Group: Founded in late 2010 by Austin, Texas entrepreneur Mike Dillard, The Elevation Group strives to uncover alternative investment strategies that go against the grain of commonly held personal financial advice. The Elevation Group recognizes that the classic model of, “Get a job, invest in your IRA/410K and retire at 65,” no longer works in the post-2008 world. Over the last four years, The Elevation Group has worked on a “Wealth Blueprint for the New Economy” that has produced 310% in returns. For more information on The Elevation Group, please visit

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