Carlton's Training Solutions Announces Celebrate What's Right With The World With Dewitt Jones

Carlton's Training Solutions consults companies on management training. Dewitt Jones is the National Geographic photographer captured in some of the Carlton's Training Solutions training videos on motivation like Everyday Creativity and Celebrate What's Right With The World.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) January 04, 2013

Carlton's Training Solutions announced plans to expand their client's management training to include Everyday Creativity and Celebrate What's Right With The World with Dewitt Jones. Most programs focus on the technical skills of leadership training but these training videos focus on the human element. The Dewitt Jones programs have now become a staple for Carlton's Training Solutions.

Everyday Creativity captures the excitement of Jones as he describes how he accesses his energy each and every day. Most people would die to know how they could be effective everyday as far as their energy, creativity and ability to consistently contribute. The functionality of Dewitt is his ability to be positive in his work. “I don't zero in on what is difficult or holding me back. I focus on what is going right and it makes all the difference.”

Celebrate What's Right With The World came with great appeal to corporate training audiences across the nation. With the news and internet constantly flaring up with negative stories it's easy to get down on the state of the world, fellow employees and ourselves. This program understands that tragedy affects everyone. But instead of dwelling, the program shows how seeing the good in the world can bring more of it.

The corporate training world is a funny place. The programs they use are usually so specific to a subject that they are incredibly effective but boring. It's hard to imagine how Dewitt can be so popular in such a grey corporate world. But maybe that's why. He stands out because he is colorful. Employees would rather see how they could improve performance rather than sit through another lecture.

Carlton's Training Solutions creates the employee education for numerous organizations around the world for government, healthcare and Fortune 500 companies. They provide education in areas like change management, management training, generational differences, discrimination, team activities, how to open a meeting, performance appraisal, performance management training, customer service videos, time management, and workplace violence.

Carlton's Training Solutions has runaway hits here with the Dewitt Jones management training videos. They have also expanded their library to include videos featuring great business minds like Morris Massey, Joel Barker, Ken Blanchard, Ben Zander, Bob Farrell, Tom Peters, Catherine Crier, John Cleese, Lou Holtz, Stephen Covey and Dewitt Jones. To discover other topics on corporate training or view more about Carlton's Training Solutions click here at their site Dewitt Jones is Carlton's Training Solutions' fresh take on how to improve management courses that's good for any organization.

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