Double Glazing installers Signature Windows are excited to present The Signature Window system- Europe's Most Advanced Window.

The Signature Window – designed in cooperation with Synseal, represents the latest results of Signature's continuing efforts to put the issue of energy efficiency at the heart of all aspects of its business. With domestic energy costs in the United Kingdom continuing to rise and Climate Change a very real and looming threat; Signature believe their window could help improve energy conservation in homes across Britain.

Chelmsford, Essex (PRWEB UK) 4 January 2013

Double glazing installers Signature windows of Essex see improving energy-efficiency performance as the driving force behind most of their business practices. It is as a result of its enduring commitment to energy-conservation that has led the company to develop its award-winning Signature High-performance window system – advertised as ‘Europe's Most Advanced Window'.

The Signature window brings together exceptional insulative performance and affordability to create a window that sets new standards in delivering high-performance energy saving technology to a wider market.

The Signature window features an innovative sash of Signature's own design. The sash features a sophisticated cell structure that allows for the production of a C-rated window frame without the need for gas or warm edge spacer and an A-rated frame with the latter two included.

In optimum specification the Signature Window is able to achieve a rating of +30A from the British Fenestration Ratings Councils (BFRC) Window Energy Ratings as well as a U-value of 0.7W/m2k.

With the Signature window installed; homeowners can expect to save up to 2.2 tonnes of CO2 annually as well as up to £325 off their annual heating bills when upgrading from single-pane, wooden framed windows.

Continuing the energy-efficiency trend; the Signature window system features frames which are 40% composed of recycled uPVC. This helps use up to 50,000 tonnes of uPVC , which may have otherwise gone to landfills, a year. Furthermore, the process of recycling uPVC demands around 46% less energy than the production of ‘virgin' uPVC.

Signature's commitment to energy-efficiency and combatting climate change does not end at double glazing. The firm has also recently taken steps into the burgeoning renewable energy market with the launch of Signature Solar – dedicated to delivering cost-effective Solar PV systems to homes all across Signature's traditional home base of Essex as well as the Southeast of England.

Going into 2013, the issue of energy-conservation remains a crucial topic to Signature's business. The firm will be looking to display The Signature Window system along with Signature Solar and its wider energy-efficiency credentials when it exhibits at the inaugural FIT show held at Telford next April.

For more information on the performance of the Signature Window system as well as the Signature Installer Network please contact Mike Whitlam on 01245 362 236 Ext: 206 or by email at Mike(at)pioneertradingcompany(dot)co(dot)uk

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