2013 Wedding Planning Trends; Florida Wedding Planner, Kiss the Planner Reveals How Previous Wedding Trends Impact Today's Brides and Details 13 Trends for the New Year


Making a personal statement and finding ways to make a wedding unique sums up the wedding trends of 2012. To kick off 2013, Florida Wedding Planner, Aviva Samuels of Kiss the Planner, reveals it's top 13 predictions to look for. It seems that tradition has been altered and the trend moves toward individuality in weddings today.

Palm Beach, Florida (PRWEB) January 04, 2013

Aviva Samuels of Kiss the Planner says “If I could sum up 2012 wedding trends in one word? I would say ‘personality'!” To kick off the new year, Kiss the Planner reveals it's top 13 wedding predictions for 2013. “So many great trends from 2012 will live on into 2013, but I think the number one takeaway from this past year is that the trend has been, and will continue to be in making a statement about who you are as a couple and finding ways to make your wedding unique. Tradition is taking a break and individuality and personality are stepping in. It will be no surprise to me if brides and grooms find more clever ways to make that happen in 2013!”

1. Heritage and Telling the Story

Vintage style exploded in recent years and it lingers on in 2013 in the expression of heritage throughout the generations. Showing a slideshow of photos of family members and the bride and groom throughout the years, incorporating parents and grandparents wedding photos into the décor or taking a photo representing three generations of wedding bands is beautiful way to express this concept. Telling the story of who the bride and groom in the form of cultural cuisine, or regional sweets or guest favors that are reminiscent of childhood or parents' childhoods and the use of a family recipe to inspire a menu items also demonstrates this concept of heritage. In 2013 I think we will see many more nostalgic expressions of this and a continuation of the blending of cultural traditions from family backgrounds.

2. The Wedding Starts with the Engagement

Apart from the groom, there's quite possibly no other person as carefully chosen by a bride-to-be, as the wedding photographer. The trend today is to chronicle all the once-in-a-lifetime events, including the courtship of the newly engaged couple in a pre-wedding photo op called the engagement session. Gone are the traditional headshots of stiffly posed couples, replaced by a candid environment and often in a humorous way to conveying the energy and intimate chemistry of their dating life. Whether it is, parasols, streamers, balloons or custom tee shirts with colorful messages, creative accessories keep the photos lively and personal. Not only that, but they also serve as a warm up for the wedding day, where photographers get to build a rapport between them and the client and get them comfortable in front of the camera.

3. Unique Venues

Still on the rise is the movement to get out of the ballroom. Farm houses, barns, estates and mansions, vineyards, beach clubs, gardens and parks, museums, libraries…any place that is unique and ideally doesn't have four walls sans windows. Natural settings with rustic details, natural light, and an eco-friendly spin keep outdoor weddings a popular choice. Just around the corner, keep your eye on warehouses, art galleries, photography studios rooftops in downtown areas and city lofts.

4. Video and Other Forms of Social Sharing

Video tells the three-dimensional story like nothing else can. While wedding video has been on the rise for quite some time, 2013 will likely make video a household name and will become priority even for weddings on a budget. The newest uses for video include save the date announcements, homemade video and slideshows by bride and groom to be shown during the wedding reception, and a 3-10 minute trailer recapturing all the special moments in cinematic style. Technology will continue to have an immeasurable impact on 2013 and beyond. Couples open their wedding doors to the world as they broadcast the wedding live through their social networks. Moreover, friends, family and photographer upload their just taken photographs to Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets in real time, allowing them the ability to share their experiences.

5. Color, Prints and Patterns Showing up Everywhere

In previous years brides were venturing away from the classic all-American wedding white and embracing color on bouquets, cakes, shoes and even wedding gowns. Fashion designers such as Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier, Oscar de la Renta and Maggie Sotero brought us the blush pink gown, ice blue gown, black and white gowns and even red wedding gowns. Not for the faint at heart, these styles have opened the door to gowns in any shade of the rainbow and may soon include Emerald Green, Pantone's color of the year. And from bold color, we boldly move into patterns that are being mixed and matched. We've seen a lot of chevron patterns and as the tides turn, more patterns emerge. With the hundreds of patterns strutting down the catwalk, many of these are bound to leap over to the wedding world and make a mark on table linens, cakes, custom invitations and envelope liners, bouquet handle, lighting patterns and even gown detail in 2013. Such patterns include soft floral prints and stylized blooms, deconstructed patterns including black and white geometric prints, mosaic effects, prism shapes and complicated tile effects. Styles include modernist style, rococo styles and incorporate baroque imagery, scroll work and hand painted pictorials.

6. Art Deco Style

Shine on, metallics. Sparkle and glitter were everywhere in 2012 and lives on in a more refined way, in the form of Art Deco styling. All over the fashion runway and in vogue in the interior design world, this new trend will invariably penetrate the wedding community too, showing up on gowns, bridesmaid dresses, cakes, table linens and printed items. Laser cut invitations fit perfectly with the Deco trend and will be hotter than ever this year. Ornate beading, bold symmetry and geometric shapes define the Art Deco period. Today's bridal designers inspired by the iconic styles of the 1920's and 1930's feature dresses with large patches of embroidery and symmetrical shapes formed out of hundreds of beads, pearls, and rhinestones. Pair this with headbands or a cloche hat popular in the Great Gatsby era, include feather or fringe elements to reflect the roaring era. It's a blend of an unfussy attitude while maintaining a polished appearance. Serve that up with a refreshing Gin Collins or a tasty Mint Juleps and voila.

7. The Fashion

Now expect to notice more brides taking to the sleeve. While strapless may never go away completely, there is definitely a heightened interest towards the bolero and capelet cover-up, as well as off the shoulder necklines, illusion necklines, one shoulder gowns, cap sleeved gowns and gowns with full sleeves. Brides will also take a cue from the 1920's flapper styling in anticipation of the upcoming Great Gatsby movie. High and low hemlines, sheer overlays, corset bodices, ombre coloration, belted gowns and peplums, as well as gold and other colored gowns will continue to hit the runway. What's more, wedding headpieces will stand out and loose buns, twists and braids have just the right blend of natural messiness with the polish and glam brides want. Makeup and jewelry are no exception. Bold colors, smoky eyes and dazzling jewels in a myriad of colors shine on. The men don equally noteworthy garb such as three-piece tuxedos that don't rely on black for impact, jacket-less ensembles, Patterns mixed with solids, peaked lapels, tweed suits and accessories such as leather suspenders, vests, and patterned ties and bow ties.


8. Personalizing Through Props, Backdrops and Signage

The old fashioned photo booths at nearly every 2011 wedding blossomed into the photo station of 2012, incorporating unique backdrops and props to take silly snapshots as a keepsake. Too much fun to quit, further theming the photo stations keeps the amusement alive, but takes it into 2013. Look for temporary tattoo stations, era-specific costume stations, kissing booths, picture frames and patterned backgrounds. Likewise personalizing with signage has been ever-so-popular. "Bride" and "Groom" signs on the backs of chairs, clever directional signs pointing to ceremony and reception, signs carried by ring bearers and flower girls indicating the bride's arrival and monogrammed letters on the cake topper, ceremony aisle or reception dance floor have all been popular ways to create a personal stamp in previous years. In 2013 watch for some sophisticated methods such as incorporating a favorite quotation on the invitations, explaining the meaning behind the selected the food or floral elements printed on the menus, or the wording of the wedding vows in the wedding program. Other new signage ideas to trend include welcome wands to wave in the air as couples are announced and new ways to say “just married” on the back of the “getaway” cars. The effort to pay special attention to all the little details that make guests feel special and has a couple stand out will likely never go out of style.

9. The Non-Traditional Walk Down the Aisle

There was a time when most thought the world was flat and brides always walked down the aisle to “Here Comes the Bride”. In recent years the classic was replaced by “Canon in D” and other classical favorites. Maybe it was that 2009 YouTube video in which the bridal party danced down the aisle to the beat of Chris Brown's “forever” that opened the door to the non-ceremonial ceremony, but certainly times have changed. Into 2013 and beyond, tradition is replaced with personalization and wedding ceremony music is no exception. Today, couples take more liberties than ever with their ceremony. And maybe as families become more and more blended today, brides are choosing to walk down the aisle with her mother and father, a sibling, best friend, grand parent, step parent, future parent-in-law, solo, or even with her groom. So throw away the rule book and do what suits you and your families. Here comes 2013, stay tuned for a choir, a groom's serenade or a marching band, none of which would be a surprise in this round world.

10. Focus on Fun and Entertainment

In recent years, the focus was on fun food and while this will likely live on, the emphasis on being entertained is catching up. The elaborate custom photo ops in recent years, serve as was evidence of a desire to entertain guests beyond the dinner dance. The typical wedding band and DJ will be upstaged by specialty bands in 2013, and incorporating non-traditional reception entertainment to create a stir will ensure that the wedding is talked about and remembered. Jazz will also take center stage, incorporating wind instruments and emulating the Speakeasy era. The “crazy hour” brought to mainstream weddings through the Latin influence lives on and incorporates more unique forms of entertainment to wow the guests such as mariachi bands, dueling pianos and fire eaters. Even games such as guessing games, bocce ball, a video arcade or a carnival hour, and the like, will make their way into more weddings of 2013.

11. Eco-Chic

With so many celebrities wearing conflict free diamonds, hosting sustainable events and making their commitments public knowledge, it stand to reason that couples today will follow in their footsteps. Trending in 2013, an RSVP by email offers the added benefit of convenience to couples and guests and avoids the need for paper and cost of a reply envelope and return postage. A bellyband for invitation inserts, rather than a pocket keeps everything in order without the added cost and weight of a pocket. Today most people will use their GPS systems or Google maps to find their way, eliminating the need for directions cards. Choosing recycled paper invitations, holding the ceremony and the reception at the same place and repurposing items for the wedding and after the wedding, is on the rise. Selling or giving the gowns to someone in need, distribution of edible leftovers to shelters, donating the flowers used in the wedding decoration to a church, hospital or association that may reuse them is also a hot trend for 2013. Catering options include farm to table cuisine, lessening the carbon footprint. Selecting locally grown ingredients for menu items and locally grown plants and flowers for décor are becoming increasingly more popular. Closely estimating food amounts through a careful head count to minimize waste and edible wedding favors and seed packets are an option for save the dates. Fashion designers make stunning wedding gowns and accessories that are free of toxic dyes, made in fair trade and sustainable environments and using materials that are bio-degradable, recycled, organic and cruelty-free. Beauty companies continue to make advancements in chemical-free, organic and cruelty-free cosmetics, skin and hair care products and Brides are catching on to these too. Eco-Chic is one of the hottest wedding trends right now and is anything but out of style.

12. The Cakes and Non-Cakes

With the onset of a slew of reality cake shows, elaborate wedding cakes were more popular than ever in recent years. Black and white lives on, and fondant cakes will be adorned with hand-painted flowers, designs, images, and even portraits. Watch for graduated color, known as ombré style. And not only the cake, but sweet stations abound with do it yourself S'mores, Whoopie Pies and French Macaroons, just to name a few. Enter the mini cake. The bride and groom cut a sweetheart cake, while each guests get their own mini version, or a single small cake for each table differing in style slightly from table to table. Other cake replacements to watch for are stylish French inspired cone shaped cakes replicating Croquembouche and variations of the Lady Baltimore, rich with butter and eggs and stuffed with nuts and fruits, made popular in the 1920's.

13. A Practical and Usable Registry

Today's bride and groom are likely have an already well stocked kitchen and typically don't need yet another coffee maker. Wedding registries of 2013 give you exactly what you want, even if it's tickets to the big game, scuba lessons or your honeymoon. Trending away from the predictable, couples are ditching convention and registering for items that match their lifestyle. Everyday dishes are replacing fine china. Romantic is nice, but practical is in. Material needed when building or renovating a new home and contributions toward a down payment are the trend. Gifts of camping or travel gear, picnic ensembles and barware for couples that love to entertain, or a new experience like dancing lessons or cooking classes, are hot on the list. There are even sites that allow guests to send gifts to a favorite charity in honor of the big day and second-hand and homemade gifts.

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