SeeMore Interactive's Mobile Technology Makes its Way into Major Retail Stores

The project with Trends International features aspects of SeeMore's smartphone technology designed to enhance product interaction and consumer engagement.

Columbus, Ohio (PRWEB) January 03, 2013

SeeMore Interactive, Inc., a leading developer of a retail marketing platform that enhances product interaction and consumer engagement, has partnered with Trends International LLC to bring augmented reality to a new line of posters available in major retail outlets.

In collaboration with SeeMore, Trends has launched the exclusive VirtualShot, an application that enables consumers to use their smartphones and mobile devices to bring poster images to life. The Hobbit, Disney Fairies, Monster High, Angry Birds and The Big Bang Theory are among the posters featuring the application.

The project with Trends makes elements of SeeMore's leading technology accessible to consumers in a retail environment. Expanding the retail marketing platform's application and use with a broader range of retailers and consumers is a high priority for the company in 2013, according to SeeMore president Neal Applefeld.

“We've forged a strong partnership with Trends International that has led to the creation of an exciting new reality for its customers,” Applefeld said. “We're well positioned to expand our technology to empower more retailers to interact with consumers on a higher level, ultimately making it much easier for their customers to see, shop and share products. The ability to increase consumer interaction and engagement is beneficial in this era of showrooming, where retailers are searching for powerful ways to capture the consumer's attention.”

SeeMore's application relies on augmented reality, image recognition, recommendation engine and location-based technologies to turn catalogs and retail venues into an engaging and shareable shopping experience. With SeeMore's innovative application, retailers and marketers can embed product details, pricing and other information into in-store displays, hangtags, packaging and catalogs. Using a smartphone or mobile device, consumers can purchase products in real time with the e-commerce function, while simultaneously gathering information on related items, pricing, product usage, promotions, sales, warranty and other data that influence buying decisions. Consumers can then share purchases or product preferences on their social networks.

With Trends, the focus is on the augmented reality, image recognition and social sharing aspects of the technology. VirtualShot allows you to join the scene of any Trends International-branded, augmented reality-enabled products by using a mobile device to take a picture of yourself with characters that pop off the poster. Now, you are virtually part of the poster, and the photo is stored on your phone for future fun. The poster image also can be sized, positioned and saved for sharing via social media.

About SeeMore Interactive, Inc.
SeeMore Interactive is focused on helping retailers and organizations engage in powerful ways with consumers by creating a new and exciting level of product interaction. SeeMore integrates image recognition, recommendation engine and location-based technologies with augmented reality to turn everything viewed through a consumer's smartphone or mobile device into a digital, interactive experience. For more information, visit

About Trends International
Trends International, LLC is the leading publisher and manufacturer of licensed posters, calendars, stickers and social stationery products. Established in 1987, Trends began its steady growth based on the recognized need for an integral partnership between licensor, retailer and licensee. Our dedication to quality product, competitive pricing and outstanding customer service has been central in positioning the company as the foremost leader within these product categories. For more information, visit

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