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From Monday 21st January 2013, BEAT100 will be introducing Two Music Video Charts; one for original music and another for cover music.

(PRWEB) January 03, 2013

BEAT100 will be introducing Two Music Video Charts; one for original music and another for cover music. These video charts will replace the current BEAT100 Music Video Chart, where users can upload both their covers and originals to compete for the new $4000 monthly prize pool. We believe this will create a fairer place for musicians to compete for the top spot, and the two-weekly music charts with be compiled on alternating weeks every Monday at 12pm (GMT). The music chart will still work the same, video's remain in the video chart until they either win a prize or complete two full 14 day chart periods. This means the minimum time in the music charts is 28 Days. BEAT100 Music Awards are also given out for excellent performance qualities, well-written original songs and high quality videos.

New Original Music Video Chart BEAT100
Although we believe everyone on BEAT100 deserves to be seen, heard and rewarded, we have decided to reward artists with original music a slightly higher prize sum due to the hard work that goes into writing, recording and performing an original song. Therefore, first place will receive $500, second will receive $300 and third will receive $200 every two weeks plus a worldwide press release worth $400. Due to the original and cover music charts being compiled on alternating weeks, the original music chart will be compiled first on Monday 28th January at 12pm (GMT). Although the charts would only have split a week before this, all videos will still have a great chance to get to the top of the chart as all votes and views will be moved over automatically.

New Cover Music Video Chart BEAT100
The top three winners of the BEAT100 Covers Music Video Chart will still be rewarded with cash prizes, but we will distribute $300 for first place, $200 for second and $100 for third. Both top three winners from the cover and original chart will still have worldwide press releases worth $400 on them on alternating weeks, and will still be promoted to the same extent. The first BEAT100 Covers Music Video Chart will be compiled a week later than the original chart on Monday 4th February at 12pm (GMT) and will continue to alternate that way thereafter.

Both music video charts will still both run over a two-weekly period, but will be compiled on alternating weeks.

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