HomeThangs.com Introduces a Tip Sheet on Glass Tables for the New Dining Room Look

HomeThangs.com introduced a little guide to glass dining tables to show how they can bring the whole space to life and what benefits they have to offer.

(PRWEB) January 03, 2013

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Most who are in the market for a new dining table look at one that's made of wood. Wood is the most traditional material for tables, and so ubiquitous that one might not even think to look for any other type of table. But glass tables are a unique, beautiful modern alternative. HomeThangs.com introduced a little guide to glass dining tables to show how they can bring the whole space to life and what benefits they have to offer.

1.    Great for Small Spaces
One of the best things about glass tables is that they're surprisingly good for small spaces. While a wood table has a solid top and a leg at each of four corners, glass tables have a little more freedom to get creative in terms of design. So, not only do the translucent tops help create a wider, more open-looking space, alternative types of legs can help keep the dining area from looking crowded, too. For example, the Sapphire Table from Rossetto features a compact base (instead of legs) which significantly shrinks the visual footprint of the table.

2.    Make It Modern
Wood tables are the most traditional choice of material for a dining table and thus the most common, but that means that most of wood dining tables look a little average, not surprising, and certainly not unique. Glass tables are visually interesting purely by virtue of being uncommon, and that uncommonness makes them a perfect way to update the dining space. While wood is traditional, glass tables are an elegant, functional choice for a modern dining room. Even better are glass table tops paired with highly modern bases, rather than more traditional four legs. For example, the Fly Table by Rossetto is absolutely stunning, replacing the traditional four legs with a unique, modern, X-shaped base.

3.    Easier To Maintain
Now, most people love the look of wood tables. But the problem with wood tables is that wood is a little bit fragile – heat, moisture, and rough wear can all take their toll on a wood surface. Protecting a wood table means covering it up, with place mats, runners, tablecloths, or even thick protective pads, which sort of defeats the purpose. Glass tables, like the Stripe White Table from Rossetto, on the other hand, are impervious to the very things that damage wood. One might still want to have a place mat to keep from accidentally scratching the glass or mucking it up with fingerprints. But overall glass tables are a lot more resilient – spills wipe away easily.

4.    Best Of Both Worlds
Those who love the look of natural wood, but concede the point that it can be a little difficult to maintain a wood dining table that sees heavy traffic, can get the best of both worlds. For example, the gorgeous Mirage Glass Table by Rossetto has a clear glass top, but an elegant, stylized, slightly asymmetrical wood and aluminum base. This is a table that's incredibly modern looking, but not without a hint of the tradition, warmth, and beauty of a natural wood table (no table cloth needed).

5.    A Note about Glass
Despite how easy to clean and superficially more durable glass is than wood, it's important to remember that glass can break. Now, opting for a glass table with a thicker, heavier duty, tempered glass table top like the Roca Table from Zuo is a good way to significantly reduce the likelihood of any breakage, but it is important to be aware that rough use can cause the glass to chip or even shatter, and even with gentle care, the glass table top will probably develop light surface scratches. So, for those who have small children, a glass table might not be the best option for a heavy-traffic table.

6.    Combine Function and Style
Maybe the most significant advantage of glass tables is one that's sort of between the lines: while an average dining table is just a table, glass tables, especially ones with unique bases, are more like art or accent pieces all on their own. Something like the Chardonnay Table by Zuo Modern, for example, is elegant and eye catching, and because one can see through the functional top of the table to the decorative part, gets more mileage out of it, even when the table itself is surrounded by chairs. Whether having a small space or a big open room, a glass table top and unique modern base not only opens up the space, but makes it a whole lot more interesting to look at, too.

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