Travel Company Surf Patch Responded to an Article About How Fly Clear Through Airport Security with Children

Following an article about how to make flying with children easier, Surf Patch responded with their comments.

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) January 03, 2013

On January 3, 2013, travel company, Surf Patch, responded to a Rutland Herald article regarding how to fly clear through airport security when traveling with children.

According to the Rutland Herald article, “Getting through security really should begin before you get there, by talking with your child and telling him or her what is going to happen.” The article urges parents to explain to their children that it is okay to walk through the X-ray machine and leave their toys, and that you will be right behind them.

According to the article, “it's very important to tell your school-age children that they should not joke in the line about having a weapon or explosives, since this will not only result in a delay but could result in serious fines as well.”

The article also explains that children must be removed from their stroller or carrier if the child can walk on their own, it is best they do. Luckily the article mentions that baby formula and breast milk are exempt from the liquid rules at security, making it easier for those things to pass through.

Surf Patch understand it can be tough to try and fly clear of security with children, and commends the article for offering helpful tips. “Getting your children through airport security as quick and easy as possible is something that may not always be easy, says world traveler Takara Licausi. “The tips offered in this article can make it easier for parents to navigate their children through checkpoints, hassle free.”

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