The New York Audio Show Sounds Off Again

Audio enthusiasts rejoice; the 2013 New York Audio show is almost in sight. Vinyl record retailer Soundstage Direct and equipment manufacturers showcase their high end audio gear.

Manhattan, New York (PRWEB) January 03, 2013

Coming hot off of last year's successful 2012 show at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, the 2013 New York Audio Show is being upgraded to the luxurious 5-star New York Palace just steps from Radio City and Rockefeller Square.

During April 12-14 thousands will experience the very best in high performance audio equipment. Manufacturers of high-end speakers and turntables will all be showcasing their equipment to music enthusiasts and gearheads alike in an event that can only be described as awesome.

This year's New York Audio Show boasts a huge variety of events, including hands-on clinics, guest speakers, live music, a DJ party, and even a sneak preview to a movie. The show features creators, designers, editors and more who are in the forefront of AV technology. Those into gadgets and audio toys will love checking out the array of headphones, turntables, DAC's and computer audio that will be featured throughout the show.

Does music really sound THAT much better with high-end quality turntables and speakers? The answer simply is yes, it certainly does. Music buffs who have never heard their favorite bands played through professional speakers are strongly encouraged to attend the show to experience this first hand. The hardware on display will range from everyday equipment that is “real-world priced” to extremely high end “object of desire” type equipment that is like a work of art in itself.

Among those attending the show is vinyl record dealer named Seth Frank. Frank will be representing SoundStage Direct, his internet based audio equipment and vinyl record company. SoundStage Direct will be featuring Rega Turntables for playing vinyl, as well as high-end PMC Speakers. Frank encourages audio lovers to attend the event and hear their favorite music in a clarity they never thought possible.

“We're beyond excited to be able to showcase our hardware to people who are as passionate about audio equipment as we are. I'm attending the New York Audio Show to represent my company, but the other half of me is attending the event as a fan.” proclaims Frank.

Vinyl records and turntables will probably never again be as mainstream as iPods and digital downloads are now, so it's exciting for collectors and enthusiasts to know there is an event like the New York Audio Show where like-minded music and audio junkies can get together and experience something special. If you're in the New York area in April then the New York Audio Show is something you certainly wouldn't want to miss.    

Media sponsors of the show include The Absolute Sound, Stereophile, ToneAudio Magazine, and SoundVision. Other sponsors may join the roster in the upcoming quarter however these media groups will be providing much of the coverage for the show. To learn more about the New York

Audio Show, visit: Here you can find attendee information and about how to become an exhibitor. To meet with Soundstage Direct, call for a show appointment: 1(267) 247-5051 or email: info(at)soundstagedirect(dot)com.

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