Introduces Free E-Book on Using Bedwetting Alarms

The Bedwetting Store, America's leading supplier of bedwetting products, is offering a free e-book on how treat bedwetting using a bedwetting alarm. The seven-paged e-book explains how to avoid five common mistakes parents make when using a bedwetting alarm on their child.

Ashton, MD (PRWEB) January 03, 2013

Bedwetting alarms, also known as enuresis alarms, are currently the most effective treatment for bedwetting. To help teach parents and children how to correctly use one, the Bedwetting Store, America's leading supplier of bedwetting products, is introducing a free e-book, “5 Common Mistakes when Using an Alarm…and How to Fix Them” when users sign up for the company's email list.

“Many parents and children think a bedwetting alarm won't work for them if the child doesn't wake up to the alarm, or completely wets in bed, so they stop too soon,” says Renee Mercer, pediatric nurse practitioner and president of the Bedwetting Store. “This e-book helps debunk some of those myths to help kids become successful in using a bedwetting alarm.”

One of the most common mistakes families make when using a bedwetting alarm is expecting the child to do everything themselves, according to the seven-paged e-book.

“In the beginning, parents need to play an active role in waking the child up and making sure he or she uses the bathroom. When that brain-bladder connection is established, the child will learn to wake up or hold it in before an accident occurs,” Mercer said. “Using a bedwetting alarm takes time and persistence, but dry nights can be achieved.”

For more information on bedwetting alarms and how to use them, visit the Bedwetting Store's Tip and Advice Center.


The Bedwetting Store is America's one-stop shop for bedwetting items and waterproof bedding. They have helped tens of thousands of children—and adults—since their start in 2000. They are now the largest distributor of enuresis related products in the United States. The Bedwetting Store is proud to serve the millions of families who seek information and practical solutions to help children stop wetting. They feature a wide assortment of quality products at discounted prices. You'll find their information at your child's pediatrician's office, in many popular parents' magazines and on the Web, of course. Just ask your child's health care provider about the Bedwetting Store. If they specialize in treating childhood wetting, they'll likely recommend one of their products.

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