DISCcert Announces Complimentary Coaching with DISC Certification


DISCcert is the only DISC Certification company to include complimentary coaching prior to, during and following training.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) January 02, 2013

DISCcert offers comprehensive coaching embedded in the DISC Certification program starting Jan 24 & 25, 2013. It includes:

►2 Hours of Pre-Program Coaching
►DISC book, People Smarts in Business by Dr Tony Alessandra
►Free DISC Admin Site with Complimentary Training
►450 Page DISC training reference manual
►200 Free DISC training resources
►CD with all DISC training materials Included

DISC Trainer coaching takes place by phone, informal webinars, tutorial videos, coordinated with your schedule. This personalized coaching continues during the DISC Train the Trainer course with:

►How to debrief/interpret graphs
►How to facilitate DISC discussions
►How to use DISC Training tools
►How to prepare for pilot DISC session

Once you are DISC certified the post-coaching program kicks in and includes DISC materials that are easy to customize for:

►Team building for increased productivity
►Management skills for motivating staff
►New employee orientation
►Sales training for results
►Leadership development
►Executive coaching

“Yes, HR/Training Professionals learn DISC inside & out, but, they also learn 17 different ways to Apply DISC,” states Bonnie Burn. “The power of being DISC Certified is having the ability to use DISC for training, coaching, facilitating in all levels of an organization.”


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This DISC certification program is designed for the busy trainer and HR professional, who wants to use DISC, but does not have the time to develop PPTs, learning activities or handouts. In this highly interactive two day workshop, attendees quickly learn how to use the extremely practical tools, so they can gain the essential confidence in delivering DISC. Bonnie Burn makes it easy to be immensely successful when returning to work. In fact, a common question she gets from trainers and HR professionals after graduating is… “How do I handle all the DISC training my people now want?” What a great problem to have… So many people will want to come to your DISC trainings… Now that's Success!

About Bonnie Burn
Bonnie Burn, is a 30 year master corporate trainer and author of Assessment A to Z; Jossey-Bass Publishing. Her expertise for years as a professional DISC expert and corporate trainer in DISC, led her to design the most up-to-date and comprehensive DISC Certification Program available. Through her company, DISCcert, business trainers and HR training professionals can easily gain confidence in knowing how to successfully train DISC throughout their entire organization. Miss Burn is committed to insure all DISC trainers and HR professionals are successful with their training short and long term.

Bonnie Burn
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