There's a New Way for SF Bay Area Nursing Home and Paid In-home Caregivers to Significantly Improve the Overall Quality of Their Care

Standard training has not adequately armed caregivers against the day-in, day-out challenges and frustrations that, too often, result in depletion, burn out and staff turnover. San Francisco Zen Center, using the teachings of Buddhism to inform caregiving, is offering a first-of-its-kind year-long San Francisco, Bay Area caregiver's course starting late January 2013 to provide a new kind of training that can provide caregivers with life-long resilience and skills to mitigate the inherent pitfalls of caregiving.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 02, 2013

San Francisco Zen Center announces today that there is a new way in which nursing homes and in-home paid caregiving service companies can improve the retention of their caregiving staff and improve the quality of care for better overall ratings and satisfaction. By investing in this first-of-its-kind Contemplative Caregiving Course for paid caregivers a unique, Buddhism-based course can equip paid caregivers with the skills and methods needed to sustain high-quality and patient-sensitive care over time. Nursing home and in-home caregiving service companies can now provide their caregivers what is needed so daily care giving tasks, no matter how demanding, can actually be a positive experience for both the caregivers and those they care for.

Too often, healthcare professional's training and education pays little or no attention to equipping caregivers with skills necessary to sustain feeling fulfilled and not depleted; cared for, not abandoned; and in partnership, not apart from their care receivers. This makes it impossible for a caregiver to provide mindful, loving and personal engagement with the sick, dying, or elderly.

The year-long, San Francisco-based Contemplative Caregivers Course uniquely utilizes the mindfulness teachings of Buddhism to equip healthcare professionals with skills necessary to sustain effective, loving, and patient-sensitive care. SF Zen Center proposes that healthcare professionals and the nursing homes or in-home service companies they work for could enjoy lower staff turnover rates and improved overall ratings by making this relatively small, but important, investment in their paid caregivers.

About: The San Francisco Zen Center's Contemplative Care Course (CCC) utilizes the mindfulness teachings of Buddhism to equip caregivers, paid and family, with the skills needed to sustain effective and patient-sensitive care. By teaching caregivers how to sustain personal and mindful engagement with the care receiver no matter the circumstances (aging, sick, or dying) it can help to ensure dignified and healing care.

CCC can set a caregiver apart by giving them this unique, one-of-a-kind training letting them transcend task-oriented, impersonal care by transforming day-in, day-out caregiving into an empowering and dignified experience for everyone involved. To learn more visit, call 1-888-743-9362 or email ccreservations (at) sfzc (dot) org.

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