Patients Report Success with Innovative Approach to Men's Health - Reviews Innovative Men's Health New Clinic In Seattle, Washington


Patients looking for an advanced approach to men's health issues report their results as we review Innovative Men's Health. Their clinic in Bellevue has grown rapidly and they are opening a new clinic is Seattle, a city known for its innovation from software to airplanes.

Bellevue, Washington (PRWEB) January 02, 2013

Patients at Innovative Men's Health reviewed their experiences and report the results are "just what the doctor ordered." The clinic has been so successful they are opening a Seattle location.

Dr. Barry Wheeler, a naturopathic physcian, member of the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine, and owner of Vue Wellness in Bellevue, Washington, has created an innovative approach designed to help men and women achieve optimal wellness. Bedroom issues are seldom discussed at most doctors' offices and, if there is a discussion, relatively few treatment options are provided. Dr. Wheeler has created a solution to address these issues.

Part of the solution was to divide the clinic in two. The clinic for the men became Innovative Men's Health and the clinic for the women, Femme Clinique. This allows your doctor to be much more focused and address the issues that are often overlooked or poorly addressed.

To make their services even more convenient, the doctors at Innovative Men's Health have opened an additional location in Seattle, Washington. This new clinic is conveniently located in First Hill at the corner of Boradway and Madison st.

Reviews from patients being treated at Innovative Men's Health and Femme Clinique have been very positive. "We learned from experience over the years what the most overlooked issues for aging men and women are in this area. Now we can provide multiple treatment options for patients and help them make an educated decision about how to achieve optimal health and hormone balance," says Dr. Wheeler. "Many couple come to the clinics together to help enhance their lives."

Reviews for Innovative Men's Health submitted by patients through their online scheduling system, Appointy, ensure they are genuine and prevent alterations by staff or others. This system automatically sends these review requests to patients after their 6 week follow-up and, impressively, all the reviews have been positive (5 stars). One patient reports, “I am very pleased with the flexibility, personal attention and professional manner of Dr. Wheeler and his staff. I very much look forward to working with them to achieve the results and objectives advocated by Innovative Men's Health.”

As a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Wheeler attends regular conferences and seminars on longevity medicine, nutritional therapies, and hormone replacement. He is very passionate about treating the cause of health problems. "Many people are under the assumption that this is alternative medicine, however, the opposite is true. The new approaches to longevity and well being are based on physiology and what nature intended. The alternative medicine is what we see everyday. Nutritional and hormone deficiencies are being misdiagnosed."

For those looking for a more "conventional approach", Dr. Wheeler has partnered with William Washington, MD to ensure that they use the most advanced and up-to-date treatment options available. Every patient is given multiple treatment options and helped to make an informed decision. Now men living in Seattle have even more options to help them improve their lives.

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