Smart Media Technologies Announces the Release of Home Page Pays v2 with its Powerful New Social Platform that Puts End User Privacy as the Top Priority.

Smart Media Technologies does a complete 180 on its competition. Rather than following the crowd off the virtual cliff everyone seems to be running towards by placing the advertiser's desires over the desires of their end users, Smart Media Technologies focuses on the end users wants and needs and recognizes one of the most fundamental rules of business which is the customer is always right.

Sparks, NV (PRWEB) January 02, 2013

Smart Media Technologies offers a welcome change for those fed up with all the privacy issues being faced in the social networking arena. With version 2 of Home Page Pays users will have a brand new kind of social experience built on a foundation of privacy.

SMT is a Technology company just like Google, Facebook and Twitter alike. Just like those companies they generate their income from advertisers. They also attract viewers to their ads in the same way by providing something for free. But this is where the similarities end. The problems that many of the bigger companies are experiencing due to investor pressure are not a problem here. The focus is always on the end user which is something that has merely faded with other major companies. While other companies force their users to give up all privacy in exchange for using their free service and claim it's not them but rather pressure from their investors, SMT's only investor David Martin is the one at the helm running things. Security and Privacy is where he first started and where he made his fortune and is what he offers first and foremost to his end users.

SMT offers many great products from online computer Tech Support to free online education, but perhaps its crowning jewel and one that it will definitely go down in the history books for is Home Page Pays a product that is 4 1/2 years in the making. It is a virtual portal that brings the best of the Internet directly to end users.

Not only does HPP offer the best but it offers even better. Many things online could be done better and that is what they are doing. The soon-to-be-released version 2 offers things like Smart Mail, a 100% safe, secure, private, spam free email. Smart Mail is the only 100% permission based email. And that means that no one can email anyone without their permission whereas companies like Facebook, Linkedin and nearly all email providers will allow anyone to send a message for a price.

There is also no filtering with Smart Mail. While at first glance things like Spamcop seem like a good idea the only thing they manage to keep out is emails that people want to receive. Things like companies communicating with their own clients with their permission and individuals communicating with their family and friends. But it does not stop all the sexually explicit, drug and enhancement offers, virus and phishing emails that people don't want to receive. In traditional email those all get through, in fact, all the current email providers actually have a special folder for them aptly called "spam". This is like having a room in your house labeled burglar for when they show up they have a place to stay.

This again on the surface looked like a good thing and it was supposed to keep the spam out of our inbox. But what is the first thing a company tells someone when we don't receive their email? Check the Spam box. So that means users have to go in and look through their spam on a regular basis to see if there is any real mail in it and they have to read each and every one of those disturbing subject lines to find their real email. The reason it is there is so they can offer advertisers the ability to send spam. It is how they make their money. Again this is like a landlord offering someone a free place to live but putting a sign on the front door that says: Attention everyone, access to this home is available to anyone for a fee. Smart Media Technologies recognizes that some things are private and should remain private.

Home Page Pays v2 also has it own social community, a family friendly environment based on privacy and security. While it is not the place to publicly spread hate and vile and disgusting ideas that other social networks seem to have evolved into, it is a place where people can make friends, find new clients and people with similar interests, communicate with customers and co-workers. It has none of the dangers currently associated with other major social networks where anyone with a computer can find out more about someone for free than the best private detectives could 20 years ago.

While SMT recognizes advertisers want this information they understand that the end user comes first not the advertiser because without them there is no one for the advertisers to advertise to. These are just a few of the awesome new features users will find with v2 of Home Page Pays.

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