Nutrisystem Announces Latest Weight Loss Success Story: Long Beach Husband and Wife Drop a Combined Total of 46 Pounds; Plus, Expert Dieting Tips for Couples

Losing weight together has also been a bonus for Mark and Christie Miller's marriage. Down a combined total of 46 pounds*, Mark and Christie are both healthier than they've been in years and they say they love showing each other off.

Fort Washington, PA (PRWEB) January 02, 2013

Nutrisystem reveals the latest weight loss success story. Mark Miller watched as his wife, Christie, transformed her body and her fitness level on Nutrisystem. He started sneaking her food – at first it was a muffin here or a lunch bar there – then it turned into an all-out effort to taste all of her meals.

While many couples marry and commit to supporting one another “in sickness and in health” and for “richer or poorer,” gaining more than a few pounds along the road of wedded bliss is a common scenario. But, that doesn't mean couples can't rally back and dieting together could even strengthen their resolve and their marriage.

Christie Miller, age 47 from Long Beach, CA, can't point to one dramatic reason for why she started to get heavy. Like many people, she gained 20 pounds simply due to her lifestyle, especially eating and drinking out. But those 20 extra pounds kept her from feeling like her normal, active self. Her change in self-esteem wasn't lost on her husband, Mark.

“Spouses feel for one another, so when a husband or wife is down about their weight, their partner naturally senses it," explains, Meghan Nichols, R.D., a registered dietitian and member of Nutrisystem's Research & Development team. “The hard part is not being able to lose the weight for your significant other. However, couples can work to lose it together.”

And, that is just what Christie's husband, Mark Miller, age 55, did. Here are some of the things Christie and Mark learned along the way and tips to lose weight while dieting alone or as part of a duo:


Appreciate the Struggle: Christie tried to lose the weight. She worked out a lot, but contends she wasn't trying hard enough to control her eating habits. “Sometimes trying too hard means putting undo pressure on yourself. That's not always constructive. Lack of success shouldn't be interpreted as not putting forth adequate effort. What it probably means is it's time to find a better plan,” advises Nichols.

Model Success: Odds are someone you know looks and feels great. What is their plan? In Christie's case, it was her golf coach who introduced her to Nutrisystem. A little inspiration can go a long way, especially if it's coupled with a dose of reality. Most people who have successfully lost weight and maintain a figure they're proud of, will share why their plan worked for them. Rarely are they “winging it.” “In many ways, Nutrisystem is a jumpstart,” notes Nichols. “We're often not the first diet people try. They come to us when they're really ready to lose the weight. With the Millers', it was their incredible marriage that was a powerful cue to try Nutrisystem as they wanted to maximize the time they had together by improving their health.”

Get Over the Hump: Generally one partner is a little more motivated than the other to embark on a new weight loss or fitness routine. For the other, it may take a little prodding. Pestering isn't usually well received, but small gestures (e.g., putting running shoes by the door) can be subtle, effective hints. In the Miller's case, Christie actually ended up ordering Mark his own food. This is a fairly typical scenario. In fact, Nutrisystem estimates 70% of orders for its popular men's program come from wives and girlfriends.

Remember Mars vs. Venus: While couples may decide to diet together, it doesn't mean they have to make the exact same choices. Christie found herself eating more often during the day with far more fruits and vegetables incorporated. While Mark, a 55-year old commercial roofer, liked the portability and convenience of the program, which allowed him to eat the right foods and the right portions wherever he was.

Set an Example for the Kids: Doing something for yourself is a great concept and improving your marriage is noble, but one of the biggest motivators of all is setting a good example for the kids. Draw on this natural motivator to keep yourself and the family collectively on-track.

Embrace the New “You” & “Us”: While dieting can feel like an individual sport, it's really a lifestyle change for you and the person you're sharing a life with. Christie has found her spirit again. “I can enjoy everything I used to do even more because I feel great. I feel healthier, and I even feel younger. At 47 years young, I feel better than I've ever felt at any age!” she exclaimed.

What kept Mark on the program was how losing weight made him feel. He readily admits he liked buying smaller sized pants and belts, but his performance on the basketball court really sealed his commitment. Mark has played basketball four times a week for the last 30 years. As he got older and put on weight, he was embarrassed to take off his shirt off. After losing 22 pounds*, he's running circles around guys who are half his age – and he's doing it shirtless.

Compliment Each Other: “Time and time again we hear people say they want to feel ‘hot' again," notes Nichols. "Losing weight is part of that equation, but so is the reaction from their significant other." It's the love of your life that is in the best position to help make you feel even better about your weight loss success. The Millers report they're having the time of their lives and “love showing each other off.” That kind of positive energy can help couples stay on course for years to come.

Nutrisystem® programs appeal to a wide-range of people interested in losing weight for a variety of reasons -- people like Dr. Michael Haney, a physician who understood the need to lose weight to become a better role mode l for his family and patients; Nick Gaudio, a 30-year old whose weight gain left him feeling depressed; Tara Primis, a mother of two whose weight had grown to 276 pounds and was looking for a vegetarian program to guide her through weight loss; Mara Hall and Coralee Grebe who both chose Nutrisystem D to help lose weight to better manage their diabetes and prediabetes conditions respectively.

*Results not typical.
On Nutrisystem, you can expect to lose at least 1-2 lbs. per week. Individuals are remunerated. Weight lost on prior Nutrisystem® program.

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