As More Vintage Weddings are Forecasted for 2013, David Jones Photography Shares Tips on Capturing Classic Photos that Evoke Timeless Romance

As wedding industry insiders and trend forecasters predict more vintage-inspired weddings in 2013, David Jones Photography offers top tips on how couples could ensure that the mood of romance, fun and elegance gets perfectly captured during their special day.

London, England (PRWEB) January 02, 2013

Vintage-inspired weddings will become even more well-loved by brides and grooms in 2013, fearless forecasters say as the year comes to a close. Retro references, period styles and throwbacks to a certain era have remained top trends for the past five years, and fashion and design editors, events specialists, bloggers and industry insiders predict that these classic elements will become even more visible in more weddings to come.

Wedding experts note that there is a distinct difference between future vintage weddings and vintage weddings of the past few years. This time, there is a leaning towards more sparkle, sophistication and old world glamour—instead of the favoured mason jars and handmade buntings, the focus now will be more on antique jewellery, vintage pearls and deluxe textures such as intricate lace and beading.

Leading wedding photojournalist David Jones confirms the forecasts based on the requests of couples who booked his services for their special day scheduled within the coming year. A lot of his clients have been impressed with his stunning collections of vintage wedding photography, and most of them wanted to see the same dreamy elegance and nostalgic romance in their very own photos, too.

Jones admits that going vintage can be a very challenging genre, as there's a very thin line between capturing beautiful, heart-warming photographs with a retro touch and producing images that look forced, dated or taken out of a costume party. “What makes vintage photographs so appealing for couples in love is that the theme stirs up a sense of grandeur and grace, fun and laughter, celebration and togetherness—all the things that make up a memorable wedding day,” he says.

“But the vintage theme is just a glossy surface, something to enhance the things that truly matter. When you look at great wedding photos, what do you remember the most? It's the radiance of the bride, the look of love from the groom, the naughty grin of the flower girl, the way sunlight falls on the parents' silver hair—these are small, fleeting, yet very powerful images during a very special occasion. Hire a photographer who can recognise those decisive moments, and ensure that every special instant will be captured on camera to immortalise the meaning and magic of your wedding.”

The sought-after Dulwich wedding photographer, who shoots weddings in the UK, Europe and other parts of the world, is known for his photojournalistic style: unposed, unobtrusive, and unique. This means no staging of scenes (although clients say Jones also directs the most fantastic formal group photos) and no awkward poses. “In other words, we don't say cheese... Just timeless reportage photography, with an emphasis on observation rather than participation,” he says. “It's your day, not ours, so we won't ask you to run through a cornfield,” he guarantees.

To ensure no special moment will be missed, Jones works with a co-photographer for every event. All wedding photography packages will include a private online gallery and a DVD of high-resolution images that can be blown up for big prints, transferred to canvas, used as screensavers and converted into coffee table books.

For Jones, the reportage style is one of the most effective creative approaches to wedding photography. “No overboard gimmicks, no props, no artifice. Just real images of ordinary people captured in one of the most extraordinary days of their lives.”

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