Energy Detox Joins's List of Clay-Based Detox Products

Loading..., an online health and wellness retailer, announces the addition of Energy Detox to its detox products. Energy Detox uses healing Kanwa clay to provide a gentle detox without laxatives.

Bakersfield, CA (PRWEB) January 02, 2013

To ring out the new year on a positive note, Spirit Detox (, an online retailer of health and wellness products that provide natural remedies to common health issues, adds a new clay-based Energy Detox product to its lineup. The Energy Detox powder and tablets, both Zion Health products, complement the company's existing line of health, beauty and wellness products, all of which contain live healing clay.

The Energy Detox powder and tablets contain natural Kanwa clay that absorbs harmful bacteria and toxins in the digestive system to gently restore pH levels and detox the body. When asked about the product, Albert Milligan, owner of Spirit Detox, said, "Many conventional detox products contain laxatives that clean the colon quite harshly. With Kanwa clay, Energy Detox doesn't do this. Rather, the clay absorbs the toxins without any laxative properties, making it a gentle way to improve health."

In addition to absorbing toxins in the body, Energy Detox contains 57 essential minerals from the natural high quality bentonite clay it contains, including iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and silica. These provide energy and give nutrients to cells that lack the minerals they need for optimum health. These minerals also help restore pH levels in the digestive system to the proper level.

"Because of these benefits and the gentle nature of Energy Detox," stated Mr. Milligan, "we felt it was a perfect addition to the Spirit Detox lineup." The newly added products are available in easy-to-swallow tablet form or a powder. Because it is so gentle on the system, Energy Detox is safe to consume daily to maintain digestive system health.

About Spirit Detox

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