Mortgage Loan Officer Jobs in San Diego Are On The Rise Announces Spike In The Market

Top rated mortgage consultants at announce the month of December 2012 saw a rise in the mortgage loan officer applications. The company believes new jobs in the industry have no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) January 02, 2013

Mortgage loan officer jobs in San Diego are indeed popping up everywhere, and are keeping mortgage bankers and brokers very busy. The need for quality mortgage loan officers is always in demand, and now with interest rates being very low and the requirements for loan officers being more difficult employers are trying to find quality agents. states, many companies are hiring mortgage loan officers in San Diego and helping, even sometimes paying for the loan officer to take the necessary classes and tests to legally be a mortgage originator in the state of California. Some of the mortgage companies are focused on individual products like reverse mortgages in San Diego or offering the HARP 2 program while others are offering all loan products.

The new laws that took place with the new SAFE Act make it difficult for some mortgage loan officers from the past return back into the market. One of the requirements in particular that is difficult for some is, loan originators would be subject to the same standards for character, fitness, and financial responsibility. Many that were in the industry before the collapse have had credit issues and have not recovered yet because there has not been many jobs this recent uptick in the industry. The state claims each originator that takes the exam and passes, can apply, and still may be able to obtain a license with credit issues. There also mortgage bankers in the area that are able to do multi state lending, in these cases the mortgage originator must be licensed in each state. For more information about San Diego mortgage loan officer jobs available visit,

With the news of possible changes to FHA due to losses and possible changes to the reverse mortgage industry, many people looking for these loans are now starting to apply before any changes take place. Some of the proposed changes include, FHA may be removing the ability of borrowers to cancel their annual mortgage insurance premium payments when their loan balance drops to 78% of the property value. Another big one is borrowers who will likely be charged slightly higher annual mortgage insurance premiums (PMI). It is a full time job keeping up with all the rules and regulations that have happened the last few years and continue to happen in the industry. The new rules on commissions and how much money can be made on each loan has kept some of the former mortgage loan officers out of the industry. One loan officer in San Diego that quit the industry was quoted “By the time you do all the tests, and pay for marketing, there is not much left on the table, and all the new government regulations are a joke, instead of making the loans easier for the consumer the understand, the loan docs are 5x what they were in 07.”

The company has seen a growth with mortgage bankers that have a strong reverse mortgage division, particularly in the Southern California market. Internet search terms such as “reverse mortgage San Diego” and “reverse mortgage Los Angeles” have been holding steady over the last year. The interest of mortgage loan officers in this market has also grown according to company sources.

Even though some feel the industry is harder there are still many making a good living, particularly places that offer the ability for originators to fund 10+ deals a month. Mortgage bankers in San Diego that have the budget to drive multiple potential clients to their originators on a daily basis seem to be doing very well. Its these mortgage companies are the ones actively posting San Diego mortgage loan officer jobs online.

About the company; Anikim Credit Corp. was started after the mortgage crisis to help struggling loan officers and net branches find mortgage banks that were able to sustain through the tough times. The company has built relationships with mortgage bankers and brokers throughout the county and helps place mortgage originators with the proper places to fund loans.

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