Partnered with Track What Matters, University of North Texas Students Capture the Art in GPS Technology


Track What Matters Awards UNT Art Students Scholarships for their State-of-the-Art GPS Designs

Denton, TX (PRWEB) January 02, 2013

During the Fall 2012 semester, over 100 art students from the University of North Texas participated in an experimental drawing competition sponsored by Track What Matters, a DFW-based GPS company. Their task? Use portable GPS trackers to literally draw out scholarly worthy designs.

Many of the art students from the University of North Texas took part in the GPS Art Contest, experimenting and designing these cutting-edge drawings.

Each winner received a $500 cash reward from Track What Matters, and were featured in the last lecture of the 2012 fall semester.

Ryann Worley, a double major in Studio Art: Drawing & Painting and Art Education, received over 4000 views of her inspired drawing, taking home the online award for the inspired category. Upon completing her undergrad, Worley plans to enroll in graduate school where she will also teach elementary art. Once completing her studies, Ryann intends to enroll into the national service, VISTA, to help poverty stricken areas and fight illiteracy. After her 3 year term with VISTA, she hopes to find a job at a publishing firm to illustrate and design children's books.

Crystal Waters, a Visual Arts Studies major, used her knack for appeal and her GPS design won her the online award in the raw category. Crystal attended Pilot Point High School before being accepted to the University of North Texas. Upon graduating with a degree in Visual Arts Studies, Waters plans on getting her teach certification. She plans to teach students at the high school level. Eventually Waters hopes to become an entrepreneur, and own her own business.

Laine Dorsey, a Pre-Communication Design major, was chosen by the expert panel of judges for her designs. Dorsey successful used her raw GPS drawing to create her inspired piece. The experts found her use of feathers quite impressive. Dorsey attended Ursuline Academy for Dallas in high school. After completing her collegiate studies, Dorsey plans to become an illustrator, continuing her love for art.

Sarahanne Walker, a double major in Drawing & Painting and Art History, was also chosen by the expert panel of judges for her drawings. Walker successfully incorporated her raw GPS drawing when creating her inspired piece. Prior to working on her undergrad, Walker attended McAllen High & Mid Valley Academy. Walker plans to get her masters and become a professor. "I want to guide other artists to pursue enlightenment for our world and themselves. I feel art is a good balance for any lifestyle."

"This collaboration provided UNT drawing students access to new technology and the ability to experiment with drawing using time and space components, said Professor Pawlowicz of UNT, "These ideas are vital to students who are exploring drawing and painting, sculpture, new media, video, installation, and performance."


Each student presented two drawings for both an online vote and an expert panel of judges. The first of their drawings were the raw metrics from the portable GPS trackers, illustrated via Google Maps. Their second drawing was inspired by Gaston Bachelard's Poetics of Space, allowing the students to draw using time and space components.

The Poetic of Space topics included: House and Universe, Miniature Worlds, Shells, Secrets, Darkness, Hidden Spaces, Corners, Infinite Immensity, and Nests.

Participants of the UNT GPS Art Contest have their work featured on the Track What Matters website. If you would like to view their work, or learn more about this project, please visit the voting page.

Elaine Pawlowicz went on to say, "I am very excited that companies like Track What Matters are truly invested in supporting our higher education system."

Track What Matters, LLC a DFW based GPS & Fleet Management Provider sponsored $2000 in scholarships as part of this project, and the online competition in support of the students project. Track What Matters exists to deliver world-class solutions by meeting the business needs of their clients through ongoing discovery and personalized service, to measurably improve their bottom-line profits.

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