Latest Software Review Impressed With Integrated Video Tutorials Presented In Ultimate Typing™ Software, eReflect Announces


A recently published review of Ultimate Typing™ software reveals that the EasyLearn™ technology with integrated video tutorials is a unique tool that makes Ultimate Typing™ very efficient.

New York City, NY (PRWEB) January 02, 2013

Ultimate Typing™ software has been examined in a detailed review by Leon Ferreira of the website, and he has found that the video tutorials of the software account for its high efficiency in teaching typing correctly and efficiently.

As the review suggests, Ultimate Typing™ software is an easy to use typing program that has helped him personally to switch from his two-finger typing method into a more productive and professional all-ten-fingers typing style. The reviewer states that by practicing 7 minutes per day in his lunch breaks, he was able to substantially improve both his speed and accuracy, seeing noticeable improvement as early as in five days' time.

Ferreira notes that despite his age he was able to improve his typing in as little as two weeks, with results that he found rather astonishing. Upon reflection, he attributes this otherwise unbelievable progress to the EasyLearn™ technology incorporated in Ultimate Typing™. The software features a state-of-the-art technology using professional and interactive video tutorials.

These tutorials are available throughout the software and are presented to the user before they start practicing. These videos are of high quality, precise and very easy to understand. The instructor explains in simple language the requirements of the exercise and any “how-to” tips and tricks, and then the user is expected to practice the exercise at hand. According to the reviewer, this feature proves to be very helpful as it allows users to learn correctly all typing tricks and strategies presented. The teach-then-practice method of Ultimate Typing™ ensures that all learners, regardless of level and needs, can benefit from practicing with Ultimate Typing™.

This revolutionary typing class strategy not only saves time for the user, according to the reviewer, but it also ensures that no knowledge or skill gaps are left in the user's learning curve. Instead, the instructional videos provide all necessary information about how to perform an exercise for maximum results, which makes it easy for the users to succeed.

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About Ultimate Typing™

Ultimate Typing™ is an advanced typing tutor software that offers incomparably sophisticated typing strategies.

Ultimate Typing™ is based on the latest research and scientific developments regarding efficient typing. With as little as 7 minutes a day, aspiring fast typists can substantially improve their typing accuracy and speed.

With its user-friendly and expert-designed activities all users can improve their typing. Accurate typing is possible thanks to Ultimate Typing™. Plus, eReflect provides a money-back guarantee that cannot be matched.

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