Words that Highlight the Unconditional Love of God Pat Schatzline's 'Why Is God So Mad At Me?' examines the hidden questions that lie in many hearts and minds

Pat Schatzline, author and evangelist, spreads the word of God's love to those that need it most with his new book, Why is God so Mad at Me?: Dispelling the Lies Many People Believe.

Trusseville, Alabama (PRWEB) January 01, 2013

Examining scripture and his own life experiences for proof of God's forgiving nature and unconditional love, Schatzline puts forth the idea that God is not one for wrath and punishment, but success of spirit and acceptance of all individuals.

Though the book is not set for release until December of 2012, it is already garnering praise from many of Schatzline's peers. Calling it “incredibly detailed and touching” and “straightforward”, many people in the business of spreading God's word are raving over the simplistic, honest, and forthright nature of Schatzline's writing.

Pointing out that we live in troubled times; many reviews highlight the “touching” and “inspiring” nature of Schatzline's message. Fellow evangelist Karen Wheaton says, “Pat has gone deep into the hidden places of the heart, where insecurity and fear keep us from fully receiving the perfect love of our Heavenly Father”. Writing down the many things people often feel or think, but are afraid to say out loud, Schatzline confronts the worries that often plague individuals when it comes to being assured of God's love for them.

Launching his nation-wide book tour in November of 2012 and traveling around the country to spread both the word of God and promote his book, Pat Schatzline has given many readers peace of mind with his timely and thoughtful book, perfect for anyone on a spiritual journey to finding their place in God's world.

Pat Schatzline

In 1997, Pat and his wife, Karen, co-founded Mercy Seat Ministries. Since then, they have ministered to over two million people in their travels around the world. He and Karen also founded the Forerunner School of ministry in 2001, and have since helped to launch many more sites. Along with traveling the world as evangelists, Pat and Karen enjoy playing games, working out, watching movies, and spending time with their friends and family.

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Follow Pat on Twitter https://twitter.com/patschatz
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