Platinum Tax Defenders Offering A Fact Sheet & Tips To Make It Easier For Taxpayers Who Are Facing Trouble With The IRS To Hire Their Tax Resolution Services.

Sherri Gastelum the Chief Executive Officer and President of Platinum Tax Defenders has come up with an idea to help all struggling taxpayers who are seeking trusted tax resolution services. Platinum Tax Defenders is now providing a free 30 minute phone consultation on all tax resolutions issues through the month of January.

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) December 31, 2012

Due to high number of struggling taxpayers who are seeking to solve their conflicts with the Internal Revenue Service, Sherri Gastelum of Platinum Tax Defenders, has come up with a new program whereby taxpayers will have to call 1-877-668-1807 to get consultations from a tax relief services expert or sending an email with full description of the tax payers problem to info(at)tax-resolution(dot)me

Platinum Tax Defenders maintains a good record of providing solutions, support and timely tax resolution services to all tax payers who seeking for help with back taxes from their qualified back tax help attorneys. Having a no price consultation program is a big boost to this tax resolution firm and all tax payers who may have undergone harassment by a tax lien or any of the Internal Revenue Service representatives. This will also prevent at large a tax payer to get harassed by some tax resolution firms who put their interest first.
It's very challenging and stressing for an individual to face the Internal Revenue Service, but with the help of qualified tax attorneys and other tax adviser taxpayers can be assured that these professionals will address their tax issue with ease. Carrying a research on how one will face the Internal Revenue Service can be very time consuming with chances of not finding the right resources and risking one's financial wellbeing. Skilled tax attorneys can help in avoiding tax related complications which inexperienced individuals may not be able to solve.

It's only from expert tax resolutions firms like Platinum Tax Defenders where taxpayers can get the best Internal Revenue Service presentation and guidance. Since tax issues are complex, stressful and also time-consuming, tax resolution attorneys will help to keep the situation safe from the beginning. Professionals like Platinum Tax Defenders can also provide assistance if taxpayers are charged with tax fraud or tax evasion. With their help taxpayers better chance of success with their tax issue since the professionals have solved many problems just like of any other taxpayers.

The tax resolution services firm urges all individuals not to take a risk in facing the Internal Revenue Service since tax related issues are complicated and many time individuals can get deeper into problems with the IRS and in some cases these issues are irreversible. Experiences tax firms like Platinum Tax Defenders can offer peace of mind this coming tax season and provide help with back taxes.

Call 1 - 877- 668 - 1807 today for a free consultation and get help with back taxes at Platinum Tax Defenders.

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