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BMO has some of the leading personal finance and retirement planning experts in the country. They are available throughout December, January and February to provide insight and commentary on a wide variety of topics, including:

-- Retirement planning and building a solid retirement strategy.

-- What is on the minds of investors this RRSP season?

-- Insulating your investment portfolio against market volatility.

-- How do Canadians feel about the markets this year vs. last?

-- Canada's Boomers account for close to one-third of the population and
are retiring in increasing numbers. Are they prepared? How might changes
to the CPP affect them?

-- Seventy per cent of Canadians don't know what they hold in their RRSPs.
What's the optimal mix - mutual funds, exchange traded funds, stocks,

-- Investment and tax strategies for all ages and income levels.

-- Where should Canadians put their money? Making sense of a myriad of
options such as: RRSPs, RESPs, RDSPs, TFSAs, etc.

-- Strategies for balancing risk, borrowing to contribute to an RRSP and
converting RRSPs into RRIFs, within a retirement portfolio.

-- How to get a clear picture of how much money is needed for retirement.

Dr. Amy D'Aprix
Life Transition Expert
BMO Financial Group

Amy is a gerontologist and social worker who began working with caregivers and seniors more than 30 years ago. She leads BMO's Take Charge of Your Retirement, Women and Money and Estate Planning workshops across Canada and works with people to explore the social aspects of retirement and how they link with the financial implications.

Areas of expertise:

-- Finding purpose and meaning in retirement
-- Essential conversations
-- Preparing for unexpected life events
-- Caring for ageing parents
-- Importance of having choice, flexibility and control in retirement

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Chris Buttigieg
Senior Manager, Wealth Planning Strategy
BMO Wealth Institute, BMO Financial Group

Specializing in retirement planning for over 15 years, Chris is a thought leader within the BMO Wealth Institute. He brings together the latest retirement research and delivers leading-edge retirement products, tools and services to help Canadians better plan for retirement.

Areas of expertise:

-- Retirement planning and building a retirement strategy
-- Recent developments in public and private pension plans
-- Travelling in retirement
-- Retirement income/pension strategies

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Domenic Gallippi
Head of Term Investment Products
BMO Bank of Montreal

Domenic oversees the family of BMO and Advisor's Advantage Trust GICs, specializing in market-linked GICs, investment strategies, product development and performance monitoring.

Areas of expertise:

-- Retirement term investment strategies for Canadians
-- GIC investing strategies in a low-rate environment
-- Strategies for preserving capital while staying invested in the market

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Lisa Parise
Director, Wealth Planning
BMO Wealth Institute, BMO Financial Group

Lisa leads the strategic direction for BMO's Wealth Planning Group. In her role, she is responsible for driving strategy to ensure that all clients have access to financial plans and understand the important role they can play in preparing for both short- and long-term goals such as the purchase of a new home or retirement.

Areas of Expertise:

-- The important role of financial planning
-- How assets, liabilities, income, spending habits and investments fit
into a financial plan
-- Strategies for saving and planning for retirement

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Marlena Pospiech
Senior Manager, Wealth Planning Strategy
BMO Wealth Institute, BMO Financial Group

Marlena plays a leadership role within the BMO Wealth Institute providing thought-provoking insight and developing retirement and wealth planning strategies for individuals and their families. She has nearly 20 years of experience in wealth management and a diverse background in tax, trusts, estates, non-resident issues and retirement planning.

Areas of expertise:

-- Retirement planning and building a retirement strategy
-- RRSP vs. TFSA: which is right for you?
-- Impact of being single in retirement
-- Divergent paths - how men and women approach retirement differently
-- Personal tax, trusts, estate planning, financial planning

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Serge Pepin
Vice President, Investment Strategy
BMO Global Asset Management

Serge is a member of the BMO Global Asset Management Canadian Fundamental Equity team and the BMO Asset Management asset allocation team. He provides expertise on investment selections, monitoring, performance and risk evaluation and how they fit into an RRSP and overall portfolio strategies.

Areas of expertise:

-- How to navigate through the ups and downs of the market
-- Investment strategies for Canadians
-- Mutual funds and the role they play in an RRSP
-- Managing risk in an RRSP

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John Waters
Vice President, Head of Tax & Estate Planning
Wealth Planning Group, BMO Nesbitt Burns

John is responsible for providing tax planning support and information for individuals, families and businesses.

Areas of expertise:

-- Retirement tax strategies
-- Personal tax
-- Financial and estate planning for high net worth individuals and
-- Wide range of retirement issues related to the taxation of individuals,
corporations, trusts and partnerships

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