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SciStrategy Communications Launches 2013 with New Vice President, Strategic Growth and Development


The health care communications company SciStrategy Communications welcomes Susan D. Wingeron, MBA, CMPP, as its Vice President, Strategic Growth and Development. In this key role, Ms Wingeron supports the company's management in continuing to develop new opportunities growing from unprecedented advances in science and technology, and changes in the health care arena. She will build on the company's track record as a source of trusted expert consultants in the health care community, providing strategic insight, creating and reinforcing relationships with industry stakeholders, and driving innovative medical education programs for pharmaceutical company sponsorship.

Ms Wingeron draws on a strong background in strategic medical communications and publication planning for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. She brings expertise in compliance, publication ethics, and best practices to her role in advancing SciStrategy Communications' mission to forge clinical change through excellent health care communications initiatives.

Previously, Ms Wingeron served as vice president client services and accounts director with large international communications companies, and she held senior medical information and clinical research positions in the pharmaceutical industry.

SciStrategy Communications is a subsidiary of Meniscus Limited, led by president and cofounder Lois Trench-Hines, who says, “I am eager to work with Susan to transition our company from a boutique agency to a full-service clinical, multimedia communications company.”

Ms Wingeron comments, “I look forward to working with Lois and the dedicated group of professionals who focus on servicing our strategic partners. I'm committed to fostering and growing the established success, expertise, and vision of SciStrategy Communications, with the ultimate goal of helping patients.”

SciStrategy Communications is a health care communications company, providing excellent medical scientific communications for over 3 decades. It is highly regarded for developing clinically relevant scientific programs in health care.

Susan D. Wingeron may be reached at or 267-440-4185.

SciStrategy Communications
Leslie Fenton, MEd, Director of Editorial Services

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