New Archie CRM Customer Service Module


Customer service is the front line when it comes to external communication with customers. Questions about products or services, complaints, and administrative problems often show up first in this department.


This can take place through various channels, such as social media, the telephone, email, and written correspondence. In dealing with a question, it is important that all information be kept together in an organised fashion. This makes colleagues aware of the nature of a problem, so that they can easily take over or send the matter on to a second-line department.

It is also important to have a powerful analysis tool for questions, to determine where the obstacles lie and which calls need extra attention. This tool will also provide an overview of the "busy days", so that the level of staffing can be adjusted accordingly if necessary.

Integration with Outlook

The Customer Service module of the Archie CRM system features all of that and much more. The telephone link presents an overview of the customer instantly, and allows a call to be placed at the push of a button. The complete integration with Outlook makes communication quick and allows an automatic confirmation to be sent with the call number and the content of the question. When contacting a new person, their details will be stored in the database directly, and linked to all further correspondence and other contact moments associated with this person.

Activities can be created and linked to the call to enable progress monitoring.

Solutions and reporting

Standard solutions are displayed automatically. If a question or problem has been investigated previously, the solutions that were found and actions that were taken will be shown.

Reporting of calls is possible through lists or export to Excel. This is useful for, e.g., the sales team to take along on periodic customer visits.


The Archie CRM Customer Service module makes working on communication towards customers efficient and simple. Whether information arrives by telephone or via social media, Archie CRM's integration with Outlook ensures that everything is neatly recorded and linked with the right contacts and businesses.

If you would like more information about this module, you can always request a live webinar or contact the sales department.

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